#NeverTrump’s Last Stand [UPDATE]

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How the opening moments of the Republican National Convention will determine #NeverTrump’s fate.



UPDATE: So at the convention today there was a call for a roll call vote to be adopted in the rule change. For that to be adopted, there would at least have to be majority of 7 states to have the motion granted. Earlier today Republican operatives were saying there were around 9 to 11 states backing the measure. Utah Sen. Mike Lee officially called for the measure to be adopted on the convention floor, but the chairman of the rules committee shot down the rule saying it didn’t have enough votes to pass. Interestingly enough, when the chairman of the rules committee asked for yays and nays for adopting the rules as they were, it sounded as if they had about equal support from those at the convention. But the rules chairman just said the yays have it and ended the measure which kept the rules as they are (ie not allowing a roll call vote)!


So what does this all mean? Well…


– This will most definitely be shown on the nightly news tonight and considering this convention was to bring the GOP together, what went down was most definitely embarrassing for the Republicans and Donald Trump.

– More importantly, with that hit of the gavel, the #NeverTrump movement looks to be officially stopped. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone, considering Trump had the backing of on the Republican National Committee.  



For months the #NeverTrump movement has been dormant. Which made sense. After all, Donald Trump had attained the most delegates from a LONG Republican primary season. Once Ted Cruz had bowed out, there wasn’t much for #NeverTrump to do, other than occasionally airing their dissatisfaction over Twitter.


But the Republican National Convention (RNC) starts today in Cleveland and for #NeverTrump delegates, it’s essentially their last shot from blocking Trump from the nomination. Now to be fair, it probably won’t happen. #NeverTrump’s “real” last chance was last week when the convention committee was creating rules in how to count the delegates. Most of their motions to “unbound delegates” looked to have failed. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t cause trouble at the convention.  



All Delegates Become “Unbound Delegates”

Similar to how Democrats have “pledge delegates” and “superdelegates”, Republicans have “bound” and “unbound” delegates. Similar to pledge delegates, bound delegates for the GOP are tied to honor the election results in territories and states. So if these delegates were to be “un-bound”, they would be allowed to “vote with their conscience” and vote for someone else if they wanted to (ie not Trump). A group called Free the Delegates, hopes to change that before the GOP Convention.


Even though the RNC’s rules committee shot down the unbound procedure last week, Free the Delegates are now insisting all delegates are unbound regardless. With all that said, the heads of the RNC look to be opposed to any notion of delegates becoming unbound. Heads like Reince Priebus, Chair of the Republican National Committee, is against such ideas. So in reality, it’s probably not going to happen.



A Roll Call on the Convention Floor

If they REALLY want to be a thorn on the side of the RNC or Trump, they would conjure enough votes to push a roll call vote. The process itself would require all 2,472 delegates on the convention floor to individually record how they voted. This, as you may have guessed, would spark an hours long process. As is, the process is already rather lengthy with select delegates stretching their state names that rival Daenerys Targaryen’s! If a roll call vote happens, this could easily bleed into prime time which would be a major embarrassment in the convention.



Don’t Even Show Up to the Convention Floor

Finally, a real awkward way of #NeverTrump to disrupt the GOP Convention would be to not show up. For Trump to be officially named the Republican Party’s Nominee a requisite minimum of 1,237 delegates would be needed to clinch the nomination. A group called Save Our Party has urged delegates, to while get floor credentials, to also stay off the convention floor when the formal nomination process starts. If enough delegates were able to pull this off, this would rob Trump of the coveted 1,237 number for him to clinch the GOP nomination. Once the first round of votes are done, the group wants delegates to return to the convention floor and actually vote, but this time the delegates would be unbound by their prior ties, thus leaving them to vote their conscience (ie not Trump).


Let’s just say if this were to succeed, that would be some real House of Cards shit!





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  2. Anonymous

    Just saw the clips on CNN. That roll call vote was B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!

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