Donald Trump Picks Mike Pence as His VP

Mike Pence and Donald Trump

Trump decides to play it safe with his VP pick.  



For the past few days, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s name has been thrown around as a potential VP pick that was on Donald Trump’s short list. Today the Trump campaign confirmed that Pence has accepted Trump’s VP offer and will be on their 2016 presidential ticket.



Pence is looked at by the Republican Party as a seasoned GOP governor that is a conservative ideological purist. It’s an interesting VP pick for Trump considering Pence has traditionally been a fierce opponent on abortion rights and LGBT legislation, yet a staunch supporter of free trade; Republican ideals that Trump has criticized during his presidential run. Yet considering Trump’s other two choices on his VP shortlist were Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich, long-time GOP members are probably letting out a sigh of relief today after the announcement.


In many ways, Trump has done what many presidential candidates have done in the past; bring someone on their presidential ticket that gives the ticket qualities that the nominee inherently lacks. In the case of Pence, Trump brings much needed conservative credibility to the ticket, a criticism that many longtime Republican operatives have expressed. Considering that, Trump’s VP pick is pretty conventional.


Though what is not conventional is dat Trump-Pence logo…


Trump-Pence Logo


Anyone else suddenly hot and bothered?



We’ll have more on Pence and his stances on various issues next week during our week long coverage of the Republican National Convention. But at first glance, this VP pick looks to be an olive branch to the GOP Establishment in hopes of unifying the Republican Party. Will it work? All of us will have a better idea of that after the convention next week.


(Photo Credit: Donald Trump Instagram, Google Images)


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