About Last Night: The Republican National Convention (Day 4)

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They clearly wanted peak Trump, they got peak Trump!



I made this tweet last night.



It basically encapsulated the evening after Trump’s speech. Regardless, here’s the rundown from the final day at the RNC.



Playing to the Crowd



In every live event that’s televised, the onstage performer has a decision to make. Do they play to the TV audience or do they play to the crowd? Donald Trump in his convention speech last night decided on the latter.


Last night’s convention speech was the most Donald Trump speech that Donald Trump could have given. It doubled down on themes of securing the border and “keeping America safe again.” For pundits on cable news networks and others on social media, the aesthetic of the Trump’s speech looked to have described a Mad Max-esqe vision of the world; a throwback convention speech that was vintage 1968 Nixon. As you may know, for many people at home, the speech didn’t go over too well.





At the convention however, EVERYONE in that hall were engaged to what he was saying, in a way that they hadn’t been all week!



All week we have said that the Republican Party is deeply divided by people who are devoutly in support of Trump and those who have decided to flat out reject him. The convention speech that Trump gave last night were for those that will defend Trump through his many, MANY faults.


It’s a simple strategy really. He figures he won the Republican primaries pushing the same nationalistic rhetoric to a group of people that hate the way America is changing, why couldn’t that same rhetoric get him to the White House? Based on the crowd reaction that was at the RNC last night, can’t see Trump changing anytime soon. After all, he’s a guy that plays to the crowd.



Everyday I’m Hustlin’


Rick Ross would be proud!



Someone Needs to Brush-up on Their Duolingo…

Para Trump Signs




Aftermath: Shining City Upon a Hill This is Not!

RNC Convention 1


Political conventions usually are more for the party than any other organization or group of people. They’re meant to excite the base and give the party faithful a clear understanding in what it means to be Republican.


If you’re a Trump acolyte, you are LIT this morning. The RNC gave you exactly what you wanted; a “Donald Trump ass Donald Trump” speech and a litany of speakers that were reaffirming your world view that “the world is changing into a scarier place.” For many other Republicans however, the convention creates many other questions. Particularly, what the hell is the Republican Party anymore?!?


Trump’s remarks last night was a far cry from Ronald Regan’s “Shining City Upon a Hill” speech. It was a speech never meant to heal the deep wounds of division that exist in the GOP or to get suburban swing-voters to crossover; but a victory speech trying to tell the non-believers “why haven’t you gotten with the program yet?” Which was absolutely fitting, because the convention felt the same way.


After a weeklong talk to many Republicans, many had decided to skip large parts of the convention because in their own words, “they felt their voices weren’t being heard.” It wasn’t that the GOP had been hijacked by the far-right, but that you can only air so many grievances or concerns before you realize that they’re falling on deaf ears.


For almost all Republicans that weren’t Trump supporters, they could take one piece of solace from all of this; maybe once Trumpism falls apart in November, they can rebuild the party to something reasonable like it was decades ago.


For us, we have some housekeeping to do in the coming days (articles to write, interviews to transcribe, ect.) to tie a boy on this convention, but as for right now; onward to Philadelphia!



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