About Last Night: The Republican National Convention (Day 2)

Over the Top Trump

Yup, they made it official…



Let’ be honest here, no one saw this coming. Around this time last year, we’re all laughing at the idea of Donald Trump of even running for the GOP presidential ticket. But as that garish “Over the Top” message flashed onto the RNC screen, you knew we were now living in a Post-Trump Republican Party. Here’s how Day 2 of the Republican National Convention went down!


But before we get to that…     



Your 2016 Republican Nominee for President of the United States






The GOP’s Step-by-Step Economic Plan Based on the Speeches from “Make America Work Again” Night

Go to Jail Card


Step 1: Put Hillary Clinton in jail.

Step 2: Create positions for 5% of the unemployed population at the Supermax facility where Hillary Clinton will be housed.

Step 3: Watch the economic prosperity just roll in!



Who’s Saul Alinsky and What the Fuck Did He Do?



“Who the hell is Saul Alinsky?”


This was probably a question many had asked themselves last night right before Ben Carson linked Hillary Clinton with Satan worship. Yes, it was a weird fucking speech! But are the Alinsky claims true?


To put it simply, Saul Alinsky is known by many to be the father of community organizing. The idea of elevating individuals from local communities as viable political actors or creating inter-organizational groups for advocating local political change were built on his ideas of community organization. Before yesterday, you may remember hearing his name back in 2008 when a multitude of Republicans were dismissing then Illinois Sen. Barack Obama’s experience as a community organizer.



It’s only natural that Alinsky’s name be tied with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama considering both of them genuinely engaged with his core ideas when they were younger. Yet for the record, Alinsky never identified himself as a socialist nor Communist – though his political views were most definitely left-leaning – still conservatives have made him into a socialist boogeyman that corrupted the young minds of Clinton and Obama. Though it’s easy to see why.


Alinsky was always an easy target of right-wing radio hosts and conservatives looking to scare constituents into thinking voting for a Democrat would “radicalize” their communities. After all, you’re an easy target when you authored a book titled Reveille for Radicals. But in all honesty, his core ideas of community involvement tended to be much more benign in reality; evangelizing human rights over everything else and stressing on “real” equality of opportunity.


But the narrative of a radicalized Alinsky is already set and considering that puts both Clinton and Obama within that framework, don’t expect conservatives to stop pushing that narrative anytime soon.



That’s So Punk



Third Eye Blind also went on to play songs no one at the RNC fundraising event wanted to hear (ie playing their new stuff and not Semi-Charmed Life) along with advocating messages of gay rights and science. This is the first (and most definitely the last) time Third Eye Blind’s actions will be referred to as “punk” in a non-ironic sense.



The Old Guard

Paul Ryan RNC


Compared to past GOP conventions, this one feels as if there’s a distinct tonal shift within the audience. You even see it with the delegates that are on the floor. While there are large swaths of the convention hall that have been empty – we’re not sure if that has been shown on TV – but the people at the convention hall have vocal, if small in numbers. You heard how vocal they can get when Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell was booed coming to the stage last night.




You also can’t help but feel the ambivalence by the crowd when “Republican Elites” give their speeches. The prime example of this was the speech that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan gave last night.



By all accounts it was a very good political speech. One that called for party unity, while outlying an agenda that conservatives in Congress hope to strive for in the coming years. It was exactly the type of speech that would have been lauded by any other convention, in any other year. But in terms of this one?


The delegates at the RNC couldn’t care less!


Speaker Ryan preached about policy ideas, yet the crowd remained relatively uninterested. While not outright rejecting Speaker Ryan, like they did with Sen. McConnell, they weren’t receptive to his future of the Republican Party. Some even took a break from the convention floor when he spoke, which is unheard of at a political convention during the primetime hour!


The crowd would not come alive again until Gov. Chris Christie came to the stage. He went on to produce a mock trial of Hillary Clinton. It wasn’t until you heard the chants of “LOCK HER UP” that the RNC crowd became engaged again.



It was around that point you realized people like Sen. McConnell, Speaker Ryan, and many more high-ranking Republicans that decided to skip the RNC this year, may now have become part of the GOP’s past. It’s too early to say if Trump’s vision of the Republican Party will last past 2016, but as for this GOP convention, the “Old Guard” might as well not have shown up.



We Feel Ya Buddy, We Feel Ya…



(Photo Credit: Republican National Convention’s YouTube Channel, Google Images)


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