About Last Night: The Republican National Convention (Day 1)

Well, that was definitely… something.



So, that was… interesting. Yeah let’s go with that. Interesting. We knew that it would be an eventful Day 1 at the Republican National Convention, but I doubt anyone expected anything like THAT! Let’s try and unpack everything that went down yesterday.   



Family Problems


Taken from our #NeverTrump’s Last Stand Piece:


“So at the convention today there was a call for a roll call vote to be adopted in the rule change. For that to be adopted, there would at least have to be majority of 7 states to have the motion granted. Earlier today Republican operatives were saying there were around 9 to 11 states backing the measure. Utah Sen. Mike Lee officially called for the measure to be adopted on the convention floor, but the chairman of the rules committee shot down the rule saying it didn’t have enough votes to pass. Interestingly enough, when the chairman of the rules committee asked for yays and nays for adopting the rules as they were, it sounded as if they had about equal support from those at the convention. But the rules chairman just said the yays have it and ended the measure which kept the rules as they are (ie not allowing a roll call vote)!”



Where Have I Heard That Before?


Some thoughts on the Melania Trump/Michelle Obama plagiarism controversy.


  • To people who are claiming this is all a coincidence, COME ON!! The speech writer for Melania Trump CLEARLY cribbed parts of Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech! This is not even debatable!



  • Anyone else find it ironic that the parts Melania Trump plagiarized were about honesty and hard work?


  • Real Talk: Can we just stop with presidential spouses having to give speeches on a national stage? Seriously, who does that serve?! I honestly want to know the person who listened to Mrs. Trump’s speech last night and told themselves, “you know what, maybe I will vote for Donald Trump after all!”


  • This morning there were two ways the Trump campaign could have handled the plagiarism claim. They could; (a) just admit it was an honest mistake, release an official apology, and then shift focus to the convention OR (b) they could deny the obvious claim of plagiarism and become petty about the whole ordeal blaming both the media and Hillary Clinton (??) for it happening. Spoiler, they went with the latter.


  • Finally it’s important to remember if you’re Melania Trump, it could always be worse:











The Problem Isn’t Us, It’s “Them”


The theme of last night’s primetime speeches were meant to be about “security.” Though eventually all the speeches started to devolve into one theme.



Whether it was a former soap star insisting the President Barack Obama was a secret Muslim, the Duck Dynasty guy implying that political correctness is destroying the fabric of American society, or the guy from Charles in Charge wanting to “make America America again”, it always looked to point at the same culprit; minorities are ruining everything.


There has always been this idea that “Trumpsim” has been rooted in the fear of an ever changing society, while supporters of Trump’s policies have always pushed back claiming that its core principles revolved around economic anxiety. But last night, it’s hard to justify any of those speeches were about “economic anxiety.”



Remember Kids, History is Always Written by the Victors!



The “Model” Immigrant

Melania and Donald Trump


When reporters ask Donald Trump if he hates immigrants, there has always been this genuinely perplexed look on his face as if to say, “I’m not the one that’s crazy here, you’re the crazy one!” For months now there has always been this disconnect between Trump saying he “loves immigrants” and the harsh immigration policies he has pushed for. But after last night, Melania Trump may have answered a few questions.


By all accounts, Melania Trump is the “model immigrant.” When Americans talk about immigrants assimilating to American culture, they’re talking about Mrs. Trump. From last night’s speech about becoming an American to how she has adopted an Americanized ambition towards success, she is the immigrant that Americans like Donald Trump imagines the United States embracing. And it’s easy to see why.


Melania Trump was a professional model that transitioned her success to the business world. She represents a group of individuals who used her natural talents to bring on initial success and parlayed that into something much bigger. For traditional Americans, Melania Trump is their ideal version of the American Dream. It’s very easy to embrace immigrants like her, but it’s dangerous to think she represents all immigrants.


Because the truth of the matter is, America is not made up of idealized immigrants like Melania Trump. They are sometimes refugees fleeing a war torn county or Dreamers who live in fear of deportation due to their parents living in the US illegally or an Asian family deciding to keep their cultural roots and not assimilate into American society as others would like. Immigrants in the US come in MANY different types and background. In reality,


For Republicans only embracing the idealized version of immigration isn’t “loving immigrants.” For Trump and the GOP, that’s been the problem and last night just doubled down on that fact.



I Feel Like This is Significant Somehow?



(Photo Credit: GOP Instagram Page, Donald Trump’s Instagram Page)



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  2. Anonymous

    How in the world is Trump denying that his wife’s speech was not plagiarized?

    Worse yet, how are you blaming it on Hillary Clinton!????!

  3. Sarah

    Don’t they actually vote in both Donald Trump and Mike Pence today? Looks like the Never Trump movement could still have some life left.

  4. But in case that high-culture song is a bit too coded, the Republican candidate’s arrival in Cleveland on Wednesday was reportedly heralded by a recording of Jerry Goldsmith’s music for the 1997 flick

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