About Last Night: Republican National Convention (Day 3)

Thank You Ted

So I hear Ted Cruz is speaking tonight…



Wow, so yeah… this happened.



There is so much here, let’s just get right into it!



You Just Had to Have Been There


As thousands each night view that is the perpetual dumpster fire that is the Republican National Convention from their homes, you get the feeling that there is a fundamental disconnect between those attending the convention and those watching it at the comfort of their homes.


For those who have been “lucky” enough to attend the convention, it’s easy to see that Republican Party is currently fractured. From the no shows by major Republicans to the alarming number of vacant seats on the upper sections to the booing of some Establishment Republicans on stage, a convention that was meant to bring the GOP together just gave a bunch of journalists a front row seat to the chaos that the party has become!


However, if you’re watching from home, the RNC might have looked pretty benign. Most of the time, cable news networks have only televised speeches by the more popular Republican speakers, so the nuance of how completely chaotic the RNC is this year is most definitely lost. Last night with the Ted Cruz non-endorsement happening in primetime, they got a taste of what the convention has been like for the last three days.


So when people. who were there at the RNC this year, tell you it was a complete shit show, just trust them. Because you’d just have to be here to understand how bad it’s gotten.



It’s Nice to Want Things




Why Ted Cruz’s Non-Endorsement Was Such a Big Deal

Ted Cruz RNC


Let’s count the ways:


  • If we’re to be blunt, political conventions are essentially pep-rallies for presidential tickets. They are meant to excite the party and at the very least unify it. On the third night when Republican delegates looked to have finally gained genuine momentum at the RNC, Cruz’s speech essentially killed that momentum and has ended up dividing the GOP once again!


  • During the convention this year a question has been brought up time-and-again; could Donald Trump effectively run the country? During this convention many have questioned it even more considering he can’t even organize a multi-day speaking event where the majority of speakers are his biggest supporters, his kids, and C-list celebrities! Then bthis happened to seal everyone’s opinion on the matter…



  • There are always disagreements at political conventions, but they usually happen in the fringes of the event (ie not on primetime). Cruz’s 20+ minute speech in primetime, then not endorsing the Republican candidate, is something that just doesn’t happen in primetime speeches. It’s the political convention equivalent of airing your dirty laundry out in public, only when we say “public” we mean on national television!



Of Course They Would



Oh Yeah, Mike Pence Also Gave a Speech


Usually barely mentioning the party’s VP pick at a political convention would be burying the lead, but in this case, it isn’t. Mike Pence did as good of a job as anyone could have done in his position, but for people like Pence or Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, at this point you just have to take this advice:




Just let it burn.



The Post Turtle’s Official RNC Betting Guide (Day 3)

Betting Odds


  • One of the multiple video packages shown tonight will finally reveal Hillary Clinton shaking hands with the devil (9:1)

  • Peter Thiel will announce his war on ALL Internet based media (3:1)

  • Reince Priebus will finally reveal that the 2016 RNC and the Trump candidacy was just an elaborate ruse for his new guerilla-art house documentary, TRUMPED! (2:1)

  • Colony Capital CEO Tom Barrack will try and relate to blue-collar delegates by talking about his harrowing story from being born as a poor millionaire’s son and to becoming the billionaire he is today (10:1)

  • Donald Trump will say something tonight that will make you go, “that fucking guy is going to be the next President of the United States, isn’t he?” (1:1)



(Photo Credit: cruzforpresident Instagram, Republican National Convention YouTube)


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