About Last Night: Democratic National Convention (Day 3)

Obama and Clinton

Of course Tim Kaine would carry multiple harmonicas with him.



If there was a perfectly apt way to describe the theme of last night’s Democratic National Convention, it would be this.



We’re guessing that “F” doesn’t stand for friends…


Anyway, here’s our rundown of Day 3 at the DNC.



Character Witness


One of the more fascinating aspects of conventions has always been how political parties present their candidates. This year in particular – due to the stark difference in messaging from both candidates and their conventions being back-to-back from one another – one aspect that’s stood out has been the Democrats use of surrogates to vouch for Hillary Clinton.


Last night was a perfect example of a who’s-who of “character witnesses” that were driving the point home about how qualified Hillary Clinton is to become President of the United States. Ranging from Vice President Joe Biden to Independent/Republican NYC businessman Michael Bloomberg to her VP pick Tim Kaine to the current US President Barack Obama, they were all backing up the claim that her 20-plus years in the government made her a prime presidential candidate. This was very different from last week’s GOP Convention.


Last week at the RNC, while having a multitude of speakers that praised Donald Trump, none of them ever created the type of credibility resume that you have seen throughout the week at the DNC. Of course, part of that has to do with the fact that Trump is this cult-of-personality type figure that engulfs anything that he’s part of. So far, this has been a strength for Trump because it plays to the “political outsider” image that his campaign has created for himself.


Obviously Hillary Clinton is in a completely different situation.


The strategy of top Democrats vouching for Clinton was a tactic they were forced to adopt due to some in the Democratic Party not being sold on a Clinton presidency, however it looks to be a smart one in the effort of “rebranding” her to the American people. Whether that will be successful enough to combat a self-promoter like Trump, we’ll just have to wait and see.



How Not to Throw Shade on Twitter


Remember kids, always get your facts straight before you throw shade on the Internet.




Yeah… The Democrats Own That Now


After Mitt Romney’s failed 2012 presidential campaign, it’s said that Republicans had some major soul searching to do. After losing in the major demographics of Hispanics and Millennials, the GOP created the Growth and Opportunity Project in hopes attracting minority voters to their cause through initiatives in passing immigration reform and creating outreach programs to listen to voters that traditionally weren’t Republicans. Many had thought Republicans would take these lessons to heart in the 2016 presidential contests.


Then Donald Trump happened.




Last week after Trump’s speech at the RNC we alluded to the tone of his speech being as far as it could possibly be from Ronald Reagan’s 1988 “Shining City on a Hill” speech. The question becomes, what happens to the GOP after 2016? Or better yet, what happens to the GOP if Trump actually wins the presidency?!?


For right now anyway, ideas that revolve around American exceptionalism and greatness is a Democratic thing for the time being. Those are the breaks.



Describe to Me Tim Kaine in One Tweet


Meet your new Step-Dad America!



(Photo Credit: Hillary Clinton’s Instagram)


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