About Last Night: Democratic National Convention (Day 2)

Bill Clinton DNC

The two most important things to happen last night: (1) Hillary Clinton became the first female presidential nominee and (2) finding out Bill Clinton loves the Police Academy movies!



So yeah, this just happened…



So while we now have to now look into that insanity, here are some observations from Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention.



This is Historic…


With so much noise in politics right now between the GOP’s presidential nominee Donald Trump asking Russians to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails – Editor’s Note: still can’t believe that’s a thing I just wrote – to the “Bernie-or-Bust” crowd vocalizing dissent outside the Democratic convention, it’s easy to lose the fact that THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY JUST NOMINATED A PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE THAT’S A WOMAN!!


For context in understanding how huge that is, Walmart in 1995 pulled a T-shirt from store shelves because it said on it “someday a woman will be president”, due to the idea of it offending some people!



And trust us, we get it! There are many reasons why some people can’t stand Hillary Clinton, but we shouldn’t let that overshadow how truly historic her nomination is.



…But in Many Ways, Shit is Still Just the Same



No, You Got Something in Your Eye!!



The Career Politician


If there has been a theme to the 2016 DNC so far, it would be “The Reintroduction of Hillary Clinton.” Most of the speeches at the DNC, when not giving a few verbal jabs to Donald Trump, have revolved around reconstructing the narrative that we have created about her in the past 20 or so years. Bill Clinton tried to start chipping away at that preconceived image last night.


Other than getting the Police Academy movies to trend on Twitter (aka God’s work), he also did an effective job of trying to paint Hillary Clinton as an actual individual and not the caricature that we perceive her to be. What was interesting about this was he tried to make this case by using her political career as the backdrop.


For a while now, Hillary Clinton’s time in government has been the biggest sticking point with many critics. Traditionally the problem with having such a long political career is that it made you susceptible to attacks when seeking higher office, but Bill Clinton last night tried to parlay that very fact into a strength.


The “Outsider narrative” has been very effective in 2016. Bernie Sanders made the Democratic primaries way more interesting by positioning himself as a “political outsider” and Donald Trump rode that momentum all the way to the GOP presidential nomination! But Bill Clinton’s case of Hillary Clinton making government service her life’s work was definitely a convincing one. His point, in a rather lengthy speech, was that government work is hard and real change is slow/plotting; so by Hillary Clinton making this her life’s mission, how could anyone use her political career as a negative against her?


For the most part he made a compelling case!


It will be interesting to see if the Clinton campaign tries to use it to “rebrand” Hillary Clinton during the general election. If they could somehow make her public service record a boon and not a burden, then the complexion of the 2016 presidential race could fundamentally change.





Hillary Clinton Enterance


Clinton 3:16!!!



(Photo Credits: Hillary Clinton’s Instagram)


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