About Last Night: Democratic National Convention (Day 1)

Crying Bernie Sanders Supporter

That’s a lot of very depressed Bernie Sanders supporters!



Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention was more dramatic than the Democratic Party would probably have liked. But if you liked seeing crying Bernie Sanders supporters, this was your night!



Here’s our rundown for Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention!



The Hard Sell

Hard Sell


Up until this point, the strongest reason why someone should vote for Hillary Clinton has always been, “well she isn’t Trump!” It’s been the go-to answer for many Democrats coming into this convention. But with both Clinton and Donald Trump having record low favorability ratings, Democrats will have to make a case for her this week. The question remains however, what would be the best way to do that?


It’s a tough question to answer because Hillary Clinton is such a divisive figure. Some last night tried to exalt Clinton as being a historical role model, as First Lady Michelle Obama explained in her talk, while others just continued to point out the differences between Trump and Clinton, a la Sen. Elizabeth Warren. In the next few days, you’ll see a multitude of sale tactics to try and get individuals excited for a Clinton presidency. Because if they can’t, Democrats might have a real fight on their hands.



Mic Drop


Yeah, you should probably watch the Michelle Obama speech from last night. It’s quite good!



Everyone at the DNC Thought It Best that Randy Quaid Not Speak at the Convention


He seems reasonable.



Harsh Truth: There’s a Good Chance “Bernie-or-Bust” Supporters May Never Come Around


Conventional wisdom has always dictated that once a hard fought primary concludes, the supporters of the losing candidate would get behind the party’s nominee. But this might not be one of those cases…



Last night, on Day 1 of the DNC, many Sanders supporters made their objections heard in the convention hall. You heard it when they started chanting “Bernie” during the earlier speeches on the convention floor and when former Sanders supporters like comedian Sarah Silverman tried to appeal to the “Bernie-or-Bust” crowd only to be met with a parade of boos! Even once Bernie Sanders himself got on stage, to strongly endorse Hillary Clinton, many Sanders supporters in the audience looked to have finally accepted that he wasn’t getting the nomination. Which lead to the MANY memes of Sanders supporters crying!



But acceptance didn’t mean endorsement for Hillary Clinton. The vibe of some of the Sanders supporters were mixed. While many left Day 1 of the DNC willing to listen to the Democrats’ argument on why they should vote for Clinton (other than she isn’t Donald Trump), there were still others that had no intention of coming around. It was an awkward vibe at the convention.


For the Democratic Party at some point, they have to make a tough decision; do they continually try and attract Sanders voters to back Clinton or do you just cut your losses because a good portion of Sanders voters are never going to be receptive to your message? Essentially last night the Democrats took one out of the four convention nights to try and convince Sanders supporters that Hillary Clinton would “fight for them.” But at a certain point, you have to start shifting focus on attracting independents and other individuals to your cause. Most of last night was spent appealing to Sanders supporters that Clinton was indeed “their” candidate.


The question now becomes, when do you cut your losses?



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