Your Jobs Report Mantra for May 2016

Meditation Balance

Everyone breathe and tap into your fiscal chakra like we practiced, because in the May’s Jobs Report, negative economic energies lies within.



Here’s your mantra for the May 2016 Jobs Report:


“Much like a fish that swims upstream in a roaring river, our minds remain at peace even as economic uncertainty washes over us.”



Even as the negative energy emanates from May 2016’s Jobs Report, it’s important to keep our fiscal chakras centered, for that is the path to economic enlightenment. It’s only natural that only adding 38,000 jobs in May – the lowest number in five years – would trouble even those that are fiscally centered. To unsettle the mind even further, May’s report stated that unemployment dropped from from 5.0% to 4.7% due to a contraction in the labor force (an estimated 500,000 stopped looking for work).


While there are many that meditate on the mantra of “every jobs report has a margin of error about 100,000 jobs”, it’s important to remember not to focus on false energies. In almost every way this is a bad jobs report that holds little to no good news within. Job growth has slowed to its lowest point since July 2012.


Yet achieving economic enlightenment is never easy. While we should not just pass this off as statistical noise, our minds also should not be clouded into thinking we are headed into another recession. The summer months are upon us and as the trees grow, hopefully so will job growth.


Now let us meditate on the NYSE opening bell to cancel out the negative energies that May has brought forth.




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3 Responses to Your Jobs Report Mantra for May 2016

  1. Anonymous

    Oh man I love these!!!

    Glad to see them back!

  2. Diana

    Also glad these are back, but wish the jobs numbers were better though…

  3. Anonymous

    I honestly think a lot of this is just statistical noise. Next month it will get better.

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