What We Learned from May’s FEC Filings


That Hillary Clinton is building a considerable war chest and Donald Trump sure loves… hats?



Every month political campaigns, by law, have to make filings to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) documenting their general expenditures and earnings. Granted, there are major blind spots in this reporting which campaigns and political groups exploit ad nauseam, but generally these filings give us a good idea of the overall health of a political campaign.


Recently the FEC filings for May were released and considering it’s the first real filing since both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump became the preemptive nominees for their respective party’s, it actually could tell us a lot about the general election. So what are some of the takeaways from the FEC filing? Let’s take a look!   



  • Hillary Clinton is Building a War Chest: The biggest surprise in last month’s FEC filing has been the outright dominance of Hillary Clinton in her fundraising efforts. In fact, based on the FEC filings, Clinton has out fundraised (40 times more in donations) and out staffed (10 times larger staff) Donald Trump thus far. Lot of that has to do with “the Clinton Machine” going in full campaign beast mode and getting $27 million in donations, but Trump isn’t helping his cause either. Speaking of that…


  • Donald Trump’s Fundraising Effort is Frankly, Sad!: In May, Donald Trump has only raised $3.1 million according to the FEC filings. To get a good idea of how anemic that amount is, raising around $3 million in a month would be disappointing for a Senate race. For a presidential run, it’s downright concerning. While Trump is spinning the amount as a point of pride in how “efficient” his campaign is being run, in reality it could be the fact that big GOP donors are not opening up their wallets for his campaign. Whatever it is, Trump doesn’t have enough money to self-fund his presidential run, if he doesn’t find more money soon he’d be at a massive disadvantage entering the heart of the general election!


  • The Trump Campaign Sure Loves Their Hats:




  • Women Are Vibing With Hillary Clinton At The Moment: Of the $27 million raised in May, a majority of that are actually donations from women. Based on analysis from the Open Secrets Blog, May’s FEC filings show 53% of all donations $200 or more were from women. On the flip side of that coin, Donald Trump holds the dubious honor of having the least amount of women donors, at this point of any election cycle!


Friday Damn Gif


  • All This May Just Not Matter: In a traditional sense, Donald Trump is currently at a massive disadvantage to Hillary Clinton going into the general election. With Clinton having this big of an organizational and fundraising advantage over Trump, this election could be over before it even starts! But then again, these 2016 elections have been the JR Smith at a Vegas Club variant of political elections; in that there have been ABSOLUTELY ZERO FUCKS given to conventional wisdom. Trump was never “supposed to win” the Republican nomination. Yet, here we are. Basically the metrics that predict primary success was trampled by Trump. In this strange election year, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that he could do the same here.



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  1. Anonymous

    “these 2016 elections have been the JR Smith at a Vegas Club variant of political elections”

    That’ll do pig, that’ll do!

  2. Kevin E.


    For a rich man, Trump is sure having a lot of trouble getting that cash.


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