Speaker Paul Ryan Officially Endorses Donald Trump

Paul Ryan Thumbs Up

“Just like the old gypsy woman said!”



So it’s official.


After weeks of hemming and hawing over whether Speaker of the House Paul Ryan would endorse Donald Trump as the next President of the United States, he made it very clear this afternoon when he said; “I support Donald Trump.”


Afterwards Ryan’s spokesperson tweeted this to complete the pièce de résistance:



So with Paul Ryan’s full endorsement of Donald Trump, you’re probably asking yourself what it all means? Well, here are two major questions we’ve been seeing on Twitter and Facebook in hopes to clear up the matter.



Let’s Not Fool Ourselves, Speaker Ryan was Always Going to Endorse Donald Trump!

Batman Hits Robin Paul Ryan


Of course Paul Ryan was going to endorse Donald Trump! He’s FREAKING Speaker of the House for God’s sake!! How would it look if one of the highest ranking politicians in the Republican Party didn’t endorse HIS OWN PARTY’S presidential nominee! You remember this political ad from the Hillary Clinton super PAC Priorities USA?



You think that ad was bad? Think about the field day they would’ve had if Ryan hadn’t endorsed Trump for president! For Ryan, it was never really a choice. Once Trump had clinched the 1,237 delegate count a couple of weeks ago, the question was never “if”, but of “when.” If Ryan hadn’t endorsed, the GOP would have looked fractured by Trump getting the nomination. By having his endorsement come now, the hope looks to be to unify the party come July for the GOP Convention.



Does His Endorsement of Trump Hurt Paul Ryan’s Image?

Paul Ryan Deal With It


Yeah, it probably does.


There are some Republicans – especially those in the media – that thought Paul Ryan wouldn’t “fully support” a Donald Trump presidential bid. While we would call these people incredibly naïve, it’s important to realize Ryan is in a very different position in the Republican Party then say Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney.


Top Republicans like Bush and Romney can skip the 2016 GOP Convention because currently they aren’t in formal positions of power within the GOP. While guys like Bush and Romney do create headwinds among conservatives when they speak out, in contrast Ryan is looked at as the congressional leader of the GOP. When Bush and Romney speak out, they can be viewed as having their own opinions on matters. But when Ryan speaks out, he’s being looked at as the voice of the Republican Party because he’s currently the Speaker of the House. It just comes with the job.


As we said earlier, if Ryan weren’t to endorse Trump as his party’s nominee, that would have been real bad for the Republican brand as a whole going into a presidential election year.


But there are those that feel differently about the whole thing.



They have to remember that all politicians LOVE being in public office and the majority of them would do anything to make sure they keep it that way! Paul Ryan is no different. If Ryan weren’t to endorse Trump, then most likely GOP heads would ask him to stepdown from his Speakership.


Our guess, that was probably never an option for Ryan.



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  1. Anonymous

    I agree with Matthew Yglesias, Ryan should be now accountable for the utter bullshit that comes out of Trump’s mouth!

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