Some Primer for Tonight’s Democratic Primaries (aka 5uper Tuesday™)

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It’s between calling tonight “Super Tuesday 5” or “5uper Tuesday”™. I think as a society, we all know which one here is the correct answer.



Tonight is a big night for both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. While it’s true that Clinton has basically wrapped up the Democratic nomination weeks ago, tonight is big because there are 694 delegates at stake. We’re coining tonight “5uper Tuesday”™. Who needs this website when we’re going to make millions coining 5uper Tuesday™ on all kinds of crap!


Million Dollar Man Rich


But for old time’s sake, let’s rundown what you should be looking for in tonight’s 5uper Tuesday™ results before we become millionaires!  



That’s a LOT of Delegates

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Let’s be clear here, 694 delegates is a LOT of delegates! While there are six states that are holding primaries today, all eyes will be basically be on two states; New Jersey (126 delegates) and California (475 delegates).


Out of the two delegate rich states, Clinton looks to win handily in New Jersey – she’s done well with both the African-American and affluent White voting blocs, which New Jersey is demographically full of – but California looks to be a toss-up. Our money would probably be on Clinton winning out California, but it wouldn’t shock us if Sanders were to get the win in the very liberal state.


However if Clinton were to do well in New Jersey and New Mexico (34 Delegates), California may not matter all that much.



How Long Will #StillSanders Last?


Last night the AP reported that with the combination of pledge delegates and superdelegates, Hillary Clinton had gotten to the magical number of 2,383 delegates and clinched the Democratic nomination. As you may have guessed, the Bernie Sanders campaign was not impressed:



With this press release from the Sanders campaign, the #StillSanders hashtag started trending on social media once again. Some Sanders supporters even made their grievances known on Twitter.



To those that closely follow election coverage, like us, this can be perplexing. The facts are pretty straight forward. Whatever measure that you want to use to measure primary success, whether that means raw votes cast, pledge delegates, or superdelegates, Clinton has handily beat Sanders on almost every accord. Tonight – unless something completely batshit crazy happens – Clinton should have enough pledge delegates to clinch the nomination outright. But the bigger question remains; what will the Sanders supporters do after tonight?


Many have predicted that after tonight, Sanders would concede sooner-rather-than-later in hopes of creating party unity before the Democratic National Convention in July. But as for Sanders supporters themselves, the sting of losing this primary may turn some of them away from the polls come November, which could spell trouble for Clinton.


And potential success for a megalomaniac businessman we all know.



Speaking of Donald Trump, What’s He Up to Anyway?





Our Predictions for 5uper Tuesday™



California (475 Delegates): Hillary Clinton

New Jersey (126 Delegates): Hillary Clinton

New Mexico (34 Delegates): Hillary Clinton

Montana (21 Delegates): Bernie Sanders

South Dakota (20 Delegates): Bernie Sanders

North Dakota (18 Delegates): Bernie Sanders


Side Bets:

  • California vote will be very close, Sanders and Clinton will basically split delegates in that state.

  • Big wins in New Mexico and New Jersey for Clinton will make California less important to her.

  • Sanders will drop out after tonight.



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5 Responses to Some Primer for Tonight’s Democratic Primaries (aka 5uper Tuesday™)

  1. Anonymous

    Sanders bowing out after tonight’s primaries????


    • Daniel

      Agreed, when Sanders says he’s going all the way to the convention, I think he’s going all the way to the convention.

  2. Trump's Hair Piece

    But at the same time, if he loses big today, he’d have to concede eventually. Why not tonight?

  3. Sarah P.

    As a Hillary supporter, I think Sanders should concede after tonight. Because we need to win come November! #ImWithHer

  4. Anonymous

    Hillary has completely destroyed my trust for her. I’m either voting for Sanders or no one at all.


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