Where Does Trump Go from Here?

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Now that Donald Trump has clinched the GOP nomination last week, what happens now?



Let’s be honest here, last year when Donald Trump announced he’d be running for the presidency, no one really gave him a chance. Well, the AP reported last week that with over 1,237 delegates, Trump is officially the GOP nominee.


Jumping Out of Window


While this was always going to be inevitable once Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out of the Republican primary, there’s still a lot of questions about Trump that up in the air. Here are three that came to mind.



So is the Republican Party Going to Get Behind Trump?


Eventually, they will have to. Because for the Republican Party, Donald Trump is all they got!


Between more unbound delegates – those delegates that are free to choose whichever candidate because they aren’t bound by district or individual – getting behind Trump and GOP Party leaders like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan at least making concerted efforts in repairing bridges between the Establishment and Trump, you could see the reconciliation process starting.


The bigger question however revolves around Republicans looking to be re-elected in 2016. Trump, for better or worse, is a polarizing figure. If you’re a Republican incumbent wanting to get re-elected once again, distancing yourself from someone like Trump would be the sensible move. However that becomes a lot harder when they are your party’s presidential nominee! For many Republican incumbents, 2016 will most definitely feel like this:


simpsons rock and a hard place



Is Donald Trump Going to “Pivot” in the General Election?

Dancing Steps


The idea of candidates “pivoting” more towards electability for the general public is nothing new. After all, actions and comments that might have worked in the primaries, when you were attracting a very specific sub-set of the voting population, could be seen as off-putting for the general electorate.


Part of Donald Trump’s appeal in the GOP primaries has been the lack of political correctness when discussing issues ranging from building a wall on the US/Mexico border to not allowing Muslims to enter the country. Considering he has to now run in the general election, these stances will have to be softer.




Or, you know… barely coherent.


Granted the image of a man choking on his own word vomit is entertaining, but it also reveals a fundamental truth about the Trump campaign going forward. As he maneuvers his stances to a wider audience, that transition could end up being a difficult one for him to make. It’s a fine line appealing to moderates while still trying to keep your base satisfied as well. We have a feeling the above clip will be more of a regular occurrence – if not the new norm – until Trump figures out that balance.



Where’s Trump Going to Get All that Ca-Ca-Cash to Run in the General Election?

Million Dollar Man


Part of Donald Trump’s appeal in the primaries has been the narrative he’s constructed of funding his own campaign. While that claim has been put into question, for the most part, Trump hasn’t taken substantial amounts of cash from outside resources. But that is most likely to change.


One thing we tend to overlook – or maybe have become numb to – is the obscene amount of money needed to run in a presidential election. For a rich Trump is, there is no way he can self-fund a legitimate run in the general election. It’s just not possible. From the recent moves the Trump campaign has been making, they are beginning to understand that as well.


While Trump has been hesitant to pivot his talking points that he brought up during the Republican primary, when it comes to taking money from outside sources however, he has started laying the foundation to take in big money donations. As OpenSecrets reports, more pro-Trump super PACs have started to spring up in the month of May. If you were to add the fact that big money donors like Sheldon Adelson and Peter Thiel look to support Trump in the 2016 general election, don’t be surprised to see the “self-funded/no super PACs” message magically disappear in the general election.



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  1. Anonymous

    Do we really think Trump will “pivot” his views in the general election.

    It’s got him this far, right?

  2. Dan

    Agreed, can’t see Trump changing his views. People have made up their minds on whether they love or hate him already. So what would be the point?

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