What to Expect from Tonight’s Indiana Primaries

Vote Primary

For Donald Trump the quest for 1,237 begins and for Hillary Clinton, she looks to be just straight up chillin’.



As we go deep into the Spring/Summer presidential primaries you’ll see that the excitement and uncertainty that was placed months before being replaced with a crushing monotony. At this point, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump look to be the preemptive candidates of their parties. Now all we have to do is sit back and let it all play out. Regardless, here’s what to look for in the Indiana primaries tonight.



The Fall

Fiorina Fall


No single image describes Ted Cruz’s fall from grace in Indiana’s GOP primary than this gif of Cruz’s running mate, Carly Fiorina, falling off the stage. One moment you think you’re on stable footing with a double-digit lead on Donald Trump in Indiana, and then in the next you’re trying desperately just to get some of the unbound delegates in hope that Trump doesn’t take ALL of them in your last political stronghold!


In no uncertain terms, if Trump wins handily in Indiana tonight, it would be really, REALLY hard for him not to get to the 1,237 delegate needed to clinch the nomination. Indiana is a winner-take-all state, if Trump gets all 57 delegates tonight, it’s hard to see the Republican Convention being brokered.



Chillin’ Like a Villain Presidential Candidate That is Still Campaignin’   



The polls show Hillary Clinton marginally leading Bernie Sanders in Indiana’s Democratic primary. At this point it’s inevitable the Clinton will get the Democratic nomination. So as the video says, she’s just chillin’.



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