Your Jobs Report Mantra for March 2016

Meditation Drip

We come out of our multiple month solitude to bring the monthly the Jobs Report Mantra once again!



Here’s your mantra for the March 2016 Jobs Report:


“Serene economic days bring back lost birds that were once forgotten.”



The chakra of the US economy remains strong, yet as our fiscal minds continue to achieve a state of total enlightenment, more people come towards the sea of understanding in hopes to achieving economic nirvana! As the March Jobs Report unveiled to ourselves that the US economy had added  215,000 jobs in the last month, many who had been counted out of the job market have returned, and just as spring warms the winter months making animals rise from the slumber, so too did the unemployment rate from 4.9% to 5.0%. It’s said that nearly 400,000 began job hunting, which in turn pushed the unemployment rate creating equality within opposing economic forces.


Employers still feel confident in this market, as they should, which continuines to bring light to the recesses that remained in darkness for far too long. After all, progress toward inner-peace may be slow, but progress is still progress. Marching on, to a steady beat, creating ripples of prosperity in turn.


Now let us meditate on the NYSE opening bell.




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    HA, love that this weird feature is back on the site!

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