What to Watch for in Tonight’s Wisconsin Primaries

Greetings from Wisconsin

Some candidates are calling the Wisconsin primaries “YUGE”, so with that in mind, here’s what to look for in tonight’s primaries from the cheese state.



Well, we’re getting to it! As we get into the Summer months, the primaries start getting a little more…




Yup, what she said. Here’s what to look for in tonight’s Wisconsin primaries.



Are They “Down with Trump” or “Down, with Trump?”

Trump at Anti-Debate Rally


There’s a narrative that has been building the last few weeks in which GOP voters are starting to cool on Donald Trump. Which if you’re the GOP Establishment, you couldn’t be happier. But if you’re Trump, this supposed slump couldn’t have come at a worse time.


Trump still needs 500 delegates to clinch the GOP nomination. Even though Trump is still ahead of both Cruz and Kasich – which more and more doesn’t look like they’ll be catching up – falling short of the 1,237 delegate count would still cause a brokered convention. Which could still be disastrous for the Trump campaign if reports of Speaker Paul Ryan looking to take the GOP ticket are to be believed.


Then again, we’ve all been here before, many times. Every time we think Trump campaign is on the verge of collapse, he runs the tables on the following day’s primaries. While Trump looks to lose the winner-take-all state of Wisconsin to Cruz, his performance tonight should tell us if he is in fact losing momentum or if conservatives are just “crying wolf” once again.



What Does It All Mean?

What Does It All Mean


Bernie Sanders looks to win a close race with Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin.


Yet the bigger question remains, does this change anything? It’s hard to say.


While the next contests will be kinder to Sanders – Pennsylvania (189 delegates), New York (247 delegates), and Maryland (95 delegates) – that doesn’t necessarily mean Clinton’s suddenly is in danger of not getting the nomination. She has a healthy pledge delegate lead and an almost ludicrous number of Superdelegates backing her. For Sanders to make this more competitive, he’ll need to do more than just winning close elections with Clinton, which under DNC rules essentially splits the pledge delegates between Sanders and her. Close delegate wins are important, but you’ll need more at this stage of the primaries to actually catch-up to Clinton’s delegate count.


Never the less, winning Wisconsin would deny Clinton delegates, which is always a win for the Sanders campaign at this stage of the primaries.






Wisconsin’s GOP Primary (42 Delegates):

1) Ted Cruz

2) Donald Trump

3) John Kasich


Side Bets:

  • Cruz does well tonight, by taking all 42 delegates in the winner-take-all state.

  • Trump does… ok, coming in a close second.



Wisconsin’s Democratic Primary (86 Delegates):

1) Bernie Sanders

2) Hillary Clinton


Side Bets:

  • Even though Sanders wins tonight, it will be close, so both candidates should split the number of delegates.



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3 Responses to What to Watch for in Tonight’s Wisconsin Primaries

  1. Stacey C.

    Surprised people are picking Bernie Sanders for the Wisconsin win, usually in close races, Hillary CLinton pulls out the victory.

  2. Anonymous

    If Hillary isn’t careful, Bernie could have big wins in the north-east like in Pennsylvania and New York! #StillFeelingTheBern

    • Anonymous

      I think Sanders could win Penn. and Wisconsin tonight, but can’t see him “winning big” in any of those states.

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