What to Watch for in Tonight’s New York Primary

New York Primaries

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As we head to the final stretch in the primaries for both the Republican and Democratic contests, the New York primary could be the beginning of the end game for many campaigns. With the state’s big delegate count for both parties, it’s easy to see how New York can be pivotal in the 2016 primaries. Here’s what to watch for in tonight’s results.  



Calling the Fat Lady to the Stage; Fat Lady to the Stage


Considering Pennsylvania and California are still in play for both the Democratic and Republican primaries, calling tonight’s New York primary “the end” if either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would be a little disingenuous. With that said if Trump or Clinton were to win tonight, you may need to start warming up that band!


Yet this all depends on how well Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz fairs in New York. For Sanders, it’s imperative that he keeps the New York primary some-what close! With 247 delegates at stake, Sanders losing badly would make the already unlikely task of winning the nomination damn near impossible. As for Cruz, considering in the polls he’s behind a guy who ate New York pizza with a fork, tonight looks to be a long night for his campaign. With 95 delegates at stake for the Republicans, a major Trump win in the New York primary would give him a major boost toward the vital 1,237 delegate count in which he would need to clinch the nomination.


As of right now, polls have both Trump and Clinton easily winning the New York primary and if that were to be the case, the Fat Lady should maybe start warming up…



The Great (Non) Voting Masses



New York is known for a lot of things; however voting is most definitely not one of them. In the last statewide election, only 1/4 of the eligible voters in New York actually voted. For many, the question of how many will come out to vote in this pivotal primary is a legitimate one.


Yet to compound the general voting apathy that looks to exist in New York, it’s exacerbated by the fact that state laws make it very difficult for people to vote in primary contests. The New York primary has always been more focused on long time party affiliates than in the general electorate. That’s why to change party affiliation in New York was last October, a deadline even Donald Trump’s own daughter missed! It will be interesting to see how many come out and actually vote today. If history has told us anything, it might not be a lot.






The New York Democratic Primary (247 Delegates):

1) Hillary Clinton

2) Bernie Sanders


Side Bets:

  • Clinton will win by a fairly large margin (over 15% of the vote)



The New York Republican Primary (95 Delegates):

1) Donald Trump

2) John Kasich

3) Ted Cruz


Side Bets:

  • Rough night for Cruz (won’t break 20% of the vote)

  • Big night for Trump (will get over 50% of the vote)



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  1. Jason A.

    As I said when you originally posted this, if Trump wins in NY, then I think he gets the nomination!

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