Some Primer for Tonight’s Democratic Debate in New York

Democratic Debate Sanders and Clinton




It looks to be said by pundits every time there is a debate, but tonight’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders could end up being a turning point in these Democratic primaries. Now granted, Clinton goes into this New York debate with a substantial lead over Sanders, but things have changed in the last couple of weeks since their last televised debate.


After a string of wins, over the last few weeks, from the Sanders campaign and the rhetoric of the Democratic primary getting a little harsher, tonight could be very different debate than the ones in the past. If either candidate were to start throwing haymakers in these primaries, tonight would be the night!


So here are some things to look for in tonight’s debate.



The Experience Question

Are You Experianced


Over the last few weeks, the question of experience has surfaced in the Democratic primaries. To both Sanders and Clinton, the term “experience” means completely different things depending on which campaign you ask.


If you were to ask the Sanders campaign, “experience” means to them judgement. So when they state that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the experience to be president, they will point to her voting on the Iraq War or her relationships with the financial industry. For the Clinton campaign hearing these complaints must incite this reaction.


Hillary Clinton is Not Impressed


For Clinton supporters, the idea that she might not be experienced is ludicrous. To them “experience” means having actually worked in the federal government to draft legislation and create policy initiatives. Clinton’s years as a US senator and as President Obama’s Secretary of State would obviously preclude her to be more than experienced under her campaign’s eyes.


The question now comes in how each candidate frames the definition of “experience” in tonight’s debate. Which might not just be a storyline in tonight’s debate, but something that is talked about in the 2016 primaries going forward.



Can Sanders Change His Political Fate?



To many political insiders, Sanders’ political fate in the 2016 Democratic primaries is already written. And looking at the remaining states on the Democratic primary map, it’s hard to argue that sentiment.


Sure, Bernie Sanders has had a string of political victories. And yes, he has gained considerable momentum in the last month, but the remaining states aren’t exactly very hospitable for Sanders in terms of getting primary delegates. If the demographic and geographic voting patterns hold from the past few months, then it’s hard to see Sanders not coming up short.


Because of that, tonight’s debate should be an interesting one in how hard Sanders will try and change the tone of these primaries. But as of right now, Clinton’s nomination for the Democratic ticket looks inevitable.



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