Primer for Tonight’s Presidential Primaries (04/26/16)

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Or aka, the primaries where both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump get a lot of delegates.



As primary season comes to a close, it’s only natural for candidates to start focusing on the general election. Well, it’s natural for Hillary Clinton to start focusing on the general election. As for the Republicans…



They have a few issues to still figure out. Regardless, here’s what to look for in tonight’s results.



Pennsylvania Matters (for Very Different Reasons)

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Tonight much attention is expected to be paid to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania could spell out the futures for both parties, but for completely different reasons.


For the Democrats, Pennsylvania represents a state rich with delegates, 189 delegates in all! For either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, Pennsylvania represents a turning point in their campaigns. Obviously for Sanders, a win in Pennsylvania puts some life into a presidential bid that looks to be all but over, yet Pennsylvania is important for Clinton as well. If she does well in Pennsylvania tonight, she could be well on the way of clinching the nomination in May, before the final primaries in June.


As for Republicans, the delegate rules for Pennsylvania are… let’s say unique. Out of the potential 71 delegates that can be gained in the state by the GOP candidates, only 17 will be allocated to the primary’s winner, in a winner-take-all fashion. The other 54 delegates aren’t bound to voting for a candidate. So the interesting wrinkle in this GOP race will be less about the primary race itself and more about what the political campaigns do to woo the 54 “unbound” delegates in the state. If there is to be a brokered GOP Convention in July, Pennsylvania’s eventual delegate count could give some crucial insight in how the convention will playout.



It’s Not a Question of Who Wins, But by How Much

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We’ll save everyone the suspense of tonight’s primaries. With the exception of the Democratic primary in Rhode Island, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is expected to win big in most states tonight. The question however becomes in how much they win by?


For Clinton, winning big tonight would set her up to clinch the nomination next month, which would be a huge advantage because she then would have time before the Democratic National Convention in July to help bring the party together. For Trump, winning more delegates tonight would mean getting closer to the magical number of 1,237 delegates, which would clinch him the nomination and avoid a brokered GOP Convention where his nomination status would be in potential jeopardy. While not a huge night for political intrigue, for both Trump and Clinton, tonight is important never the less.



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  1. Hassan from the Block

    I for one accept Hillary Clinton as the next US president and future overlord.

    • Anonymous

      Kodos: It’s true, we are aliens. But what are you going to do about it? It’s a two-party system. You have to vote for one of us.
      Man 1: He’s right, this is a two-party system.
      Man 2: Well I believe I’ll vote for a third-party candidate.
      Kang: Go ahead, throw your vote away.

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