Cruz and Kasich: A Mundane (and Desperate) Alliance

Cruz and Kasich

How a John Kasich and Ted Cruz alliance is the perfect metaphor for the 2016 GOP primaries.  



For a while now, there has been this groundswell of support in terms of the #NeverTrump movement. Many within the GOP have sounded off on the idea of the Republican candidates banning together to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t get the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. Looks like Ted Cruz and John Kasich look to do just that!


On Sunday night both Cruz and Kasich campaigns announced they would be working together to stop Trump from winning the nomination. The basic strategy would be to get out of each other’s way so Cruz can capture Indiana while Kasich would be able to win Oregon and New Mexico. Also in some instances, they plan to share money and political connections (ie super PAC advertising) to make sure to block Trump from getting enough delegates to capture the nomination.    


Ok… there is a lot to unpack here, so let’s just dive head first into this!



  • Before we get into whether this was even a good idea or if this strategy is even going to work, it’s important to realize that for both the Cruz and Kasich campaigns, this was their only move left to play if they wanted to stay in the GOP primaries. After the New York primary, both Kasich and Cruz can mathematically no longer get the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. In turn, if they want to have a legitimate claim at the Republican nomination, they would have to deny Trump the 1,237 delegate count, creating a brokered GOP Convention. So this plan may be a lot of things, but there is at least some logic to it.


  • With all that said, I’ll let pop music sensation JoJo tell you how we feel about this Cruz/Kasich alliance:




  • Once again this move of a Cruz/Kasich alliance isn’t ill-conceived as it is desperate. Like, really, REALLY desperate. For example, say if this idea catches on for Republican voters in states like Indiana, where the race is very tight between Cruz and Trump. Both Cruz and Kasich campaigns assume that voters in Indiana that dislike Trump (or even support Kasich) will be knowledgeable enough to vote for Cruz, thus denying Trump the delegates needed to clinch the nomination! Generally speaking, that is asking a lot from US voters who generally don’t know that there are three branches of government in the US!


  • Also, as much as it pains us to say this, Trump’s assessment of the entire situation is pretty spot on!





  • Yet the most surprising fact from the news of Cruz and Kasich joining forces, is that the GOP still has a fundamental misunderstanding of why Donald Trump is the current front-runner. Many Republicans feel that Trump is winning the nomination because there is a split among Republicans that would vote for someone else other than Trump. This is the basic idea that the Cruz/Kasich alliance is based on, that if one of them were to step aside, then that would stop Trump from winning close races (like the one currently in Indiana). However that might not be the case anymore. Sure, in the beginning, Trump may had been ahead in polls due to fragmentation among Establishment voters, but now the Trump campaign has gained legitimate momentum. Whether you agree with his views or not, Trump has hit a vein with many Anti-establishment Republicans. At this point in the election, winning the few primaries that are left means not just splintering your voter base, but taking away some votes from Trump as well. Which if that is the case; there might not be anything Cruz and Kasich can do from blocking Trump from the nomination.





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  1. Anonymous

    This is something they should have done months ago. Now Trump has gained too much momentum to be stopped from getting the GOP nomination.

  2. Trump's Hair Piece

    Don’t get me wrong this is desperate, but people are assuming Trump will get the 1,237 needed to get the nomination on the first ballot. I don’t know if that’s the case quite yet.

  3. Anonymous

    As TPT says they had to do something.

    And this is something I guess…

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