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Our (incredibly brief) rundown of the Bernie Sanders win in Wyoming.



As the 2016 primaries once again go into high gear the New York primaries next Tuesday, you may have missed that the Democrats had a primary in Wyoming. Yes, we’re going to discuss Bernie Sanders winning out Wyoming. If you’re still with us, here’s the big takeaway from Saturday’s Democratic primary.  



The Caucus Whisperer


As you already know, there aren’t a lot of trends that you can effectively predict in these 2016 primaries. Even for the Democrats, which has been basically chalk up to this point, a benign chaos always persists even in their contests. However there is one thing you can count on, and that’s Bernie Sanders can’t help but win small state caucuses!


Whether it’s Alaska, Utah, Idaho, Hawaii, or this weekend Wyoming, Sanders just can’t help but win small state caucuses. It’s kind of what he does! It also happens to be one of the few things that make complete sense in these 2016 primaries.


The Sanders campaign, at its very core, is about creating grassroots momentum through base ideological principles. This fits perfectly in the caucus structure, where turnout is lower and campaign ideology matters more. Unlike the Hillary Clinton campaign, where much of her advantage comes in coalition building – mostly with high ranking party leaders and influential Democrats – the Sanders campaign relies on ground organization and enthusiasm from their supporters. In other words, the Sanders campaign was built to win contests like Wyoming.


The problem however comes in the fact that the Sanders campaign can’t win primary states.


But Sanders is hoping that with the recent string of caucus wins form small delegate states – most of them don’t even break 50 delegates – the idea here is that the momentum of these wins can carry his campaign to a win in New York.


With 247 delegates up for grabs, New York looks to be the make-or-break point for the Sanders campaign. Yet the trouble here is that New York happens to be a closed primary. Meaning that unlike a caucus, closed primaries tend to favor the political elite.  In other words, New York favors Hillary Clinton.


If momentum is actually a thing in the 2016 primaries, we’ll find out next Tuesday.



Let’s Check On Hillary Clinton…


Yeah, that seems accurate…



The Current Democratic Delegate Count After Wyoming

Game of Thrones


Hillary Clinton: 1,756 Delegates (469 Superdelegates)

Bernie Sanders: 1,068 Delegates (31 Superdelegates)



(Photo Credits: Bernie Sanders Instagram, Google Images)


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  1. Anonymous

    Honestly, I find it interesting many news sites have been burying the lead here. That is even though Sanders won Wyoming easily, Clinton leaves Wyoming with more delegates. Can someone please explain to me why that’s a thing!!!!!

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