Political Ad Theater: Our Principles PAC’s “Quotes” Ad


The super PAC that specifically focuses on stopping Donald Trump from getting the GOP nomination put out this ad yesterday, airing in most of the primary states. The ad works really well because the actual quotes from Donald Trump are reprehensible. And before you ask, yes, this is probably one of those “two wrongs, make a right” situations.


(Video Credit: Our Principles PAC’s YouTube Channel)



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3 Responses to Political Ad Theater: Our Principles PAC’s “Quotes” Ad

  1. Anonymous

    That is crazy, I was thinking to myself that it was good to see ads finally taking to Trump, but then again this is a super pac! I’m torn between my hatred for Trump and hatred between super pacs!

  2. Anonymous

    Hold on, I did the same thing! Oh god, we are all monsters!

  3. Trump's Hair Piece

    Why is everyone so surprised? Trump is an ass. What do you expect him to say about women?

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