About the Other Night: The 2016 Primaries Go West

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Some interesting stuff happened on “Western Tuesday”, so let’s talk about it. That is if the Internet Gods let us…



We were going to post this yesterday, but this happened…



So we had something witty here to say about “Western Tuesday” and everything, but considering we had to scrap half of this piece due to formatting issues and time, we decided to make lemons out of our lemonade and dive a little deeper into what happened on Tuesday by adding a few new wrinkles we thought up.







The Spoiler

Cruz and Kasich


In the NBA on Monday night, the San Antonio Spurs played against the New Orleans Pelicans. While on any other night this wouldn’t be a notable game, it became important because of an unusual incident. The Pelicans won the game. A game that meant nothing to the Pelicans (because they are mathematically out of the playoff race) and everything to the Spurs (because they are vying for first seed in the Western Conference), suddenly mattered.


In the 2016 GOP primaries, both Ted Cruz and John Kasich are the New Orleans Pelicans to the Donald Trump’s San Antonio Spurs. All they just want to do is play the role of the spoiler.


We touched on this in the past, that both Cruz (who has a little-to-no chance) and Kasich (has mathematically zero chance) of getting the 1,237 delegate mark to clinch the nomination. But that’s not why they’re in this race. Their sole purpose is to put grime onto Trump’s delegate shine! Or in other words, they’re trying to block him from getting the GOP nomination by having him to fall short of the 1,237 delegate count. Cruz’s win on Tuesday night in Utah wasn’t “YUGE” per say, but getting all 40 delegates in a winner-take-all matter is significant.


For the Anti-Trump movement within the Republican Party, it gives them a little more hope. After all, anything that makes it harder for Trump to reach the 1,237 delegates is a victory. That’s just the part of the Spoiler.



Let’s Check in On the Sanders Campaign After Their Wins in Idaho and Utah

Bernie Sanders Dancing



Playing Different Games

Diffrent Games


With all things said, Hillary Clinton had a pretty strong night. Even though Bernie Sanders won both Idaho and Utah, Hillary Clinton had an impressive showing in Arizona. In turn, even though Sanders ended winning more delegates Tuesday night – 57 delegates to Clinton’s 51 – it didn’t even put a dent in Clinton’s 1,681 overall delegate total.


At this point Clinton and Sanders are playing entirely different games.


For Sanders, he’s still trying to figure out a legitimate way of turning momentum into delegates, which is easier said than done. There is no denying that Sanders has a more fervent base with his supporters continuing to pack his rallies and out fundraising Clinton even today! However none of that has transferred into delegates.


The Clinton campaign however has been gaining delegates at a steady pace, but there hasn’t been any real passion behind the momentum she has been generating. Thus far the Clinton campaign has been deadly efficient, yet oddly sterile, as if her nomination is feeling like an inevitability of choice rather than one of passion. From the speech she gave Tuesday night, she wants to change that.



In terms of the Democratic primary, it’s pretty much certain at this point that she’ll be getting the nomination. The question comes whether she can invoke the kind of fandom that Sanders was easily able to muster…



Good to See the 2016 GOP Primaries Keepin’ It Classy!



Your 2016 GOP primaries everyone!



Game of Delegates (The Delegate Count)

Game of Thrones


Republicans (Need 1,237 Delegates to Clinch Nomination):

1) Donald Trump 739 delegates

2) Ted Cruz 465 delegates

3) John Kasich 143 delegates


Democrats: (Need 2,383 Delegates to Clinch Nomination)

1) Hillary Clinton 1,690 delegates

2) Bernie Sanders 946 delegates



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    The Internet. Sometimes it be a bitch.

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    That’s some good insight on the Democratic primaries.

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