About Last Weekend: Weekend at Bernie’s


Before you ask, yes there were primaries held on Saturday and no, none of them included Donald Trump.



You would be forgiven for not knowing that the Democrats held primaries on Saturday for Washington (101 delegates), Alaska (16 delegates), and Hawaii (25 delegates). After all, for many in the media if Donald Trump’s grandchild was not involved, than the primaries might as well not have happened. But to us…




So let’s break down Saturday’s results!



Things Are Finally Coming Up Sanders!

Bernie Sanders Bird


How good of a weekend did Bernie Sanders have?



Yup, you know it’s a going to be a good weekend when that happens at one of your rallies on Friday and then this becomes an Internet sensation.



As #BirdieSanders started trending on Saturday, Bernie Sanders – the person – was handily beating Hillary Clinton in all three of the contested primaries in Alaska, Hawaii, and most importantly Washington with its 101 pledge delegates. It was the kind of weekend the Sanders campaign absolutely needed after crushing defeats in the South and big Midwestern states like Ohio. For the Sanders campaign, wins like the one in Washington – where he won 72% of the vote to Clinton’s 27% – are the type of wins he needs more of. While the question still remains if Birdie Bernie Sanders can create legitimate momentum to do what he did this weekend again in upcoming contests like Wisconsin (86 delegates), New York (247 delegates), and Pennsylvania (189 delegates), then his campaign could really have something here. Regardless, there was a VERY good weekend for Sanders.



Good Practices of Presenting Delegate Math



If our comments section shows anything, it’s that people are very particular about how delegate math is presented. Specifically from Bernie Sanders supporters. We’ve been getting complaints from many of you over email and in the comments section that we should be reporting delegate totals without accounting for Super Delegates. Our answer to that is simple…




Listen, we hear you and we get it.


If you’re a Sanders supporter, the reasoning is sound. Super Delegates can change their vote right before the Democratic Convention, so why report them?


Well the simple answer is, because counting them just makes the most sense.


Hillary Clinton has spent months to make sure Super Delegates come to her side early on in the primaries. In turn, she has amassed a substantial super delegate lead over Sanders. Yet, is the very concept of Super Delegates created to give the party more power than the people who are voting for the candidates? Absolutely, you can read all about it in our 10-Point Expert!


Much like how the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is slowly trickling out delegates that Sanders won in Washington over the next couple of weeks, thus not being able to add it to the delegate totals he won from that state in our current totals, we are only reporting on the stuff that is happening. If you think there is a problem with Super Delegates being added to delegate totals, then your issue is with the DNC, not with outlets reporting total delegate counts.



Current Democratic Delegate Totals (2,383 Delegates to Clinch the Nomination):

Hillary Clinton: 1,712 Delegates (1,243 Pledge Delegates)

Bernie Sanders: 1,004 Delegates (975 Pledge Delegates)


See those pledge delegate numbers! Don’t say we never did anything for ya!



(Photo Credits: Google Images, Pixabay.com)



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7 Responses to About Last Weekend: Weekend at Bernie’s

  1. Anonymous

    They must be getting some major shit over the delegate numbers, because that response was super salty! LOL

    • Anonymous

      Actually as a Sanders supporter I’ve personally always thought the site was fair to him. There are many other media outlets that are much harsher!

  2. Trump's Hair Piece

    I can see why people would have trouble with this site’s election coverage on Sanders, because they do assume Clinton will be the eventual Dem nominee. But overall they are leagues better than most political sites covering the Sanders campaign!

  3. Anonymous

    To be fair, people can be pretty snarky in the comments section regarding Post Turtle covering Bernie Sanders.

  4. Anonymous

    This isn’t about snark, it’s about perception! If blogs like the Post Turtle continue to undermine the Sanders campaign by saying that Hillary is easily going to win the nomination, then how is that fair and balanced coverage? Imagine if you were watching a football game and the announcers kept saying one of the teams is crushing the other, even though the score is pretty close and it’s only half time! After a while that would get annoying. Personally as a Sanders supporter, that’s how I feel about the Post Turtle’s election coverage so far.

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