About Last Night: The Hangover of Super Tuesday

Trump on Podium

Super Tuesday was… super predictable! [RIM SHOT] We’re here all night folks, remember to tip your waiters and waitresses!



With Super Tuesday playing out essentially how everyone expected, the people on Twitter had to make their own fun!



That right there is good stuff! Anyway, here are our takeaways from last night’s Super Tuesday.



So, You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance!


As GOP presidential candidates, that aren’t named Donald Trump, woke-up this morning, they had to look in the mirror and give themselves good enough reasons to continue in these 2016 Republican primaries. Luckily for them, Super Tuesday gave everyone juuuust enough reason for everyone in that field to be completely delusional about their chances at the nomination. Whether you’re:


Ted Cruz: “Oklahoma and Texas are fantastic building blocks for a momentum boost in which I can run the tables on the March 15th primaries, where I can win all of the winner-take-all states, and gain the GOP nomination. Things are finally coming up Cruz!”


Marco Rubio: “I’m the most electable candidate in the field for the general election and I finally won a state in Minnesota last night! If I can keep it close and win Florida along with all the other winner-take-all state on March 15th, then I should have this nomination in the bag! Things are finally coming up Rubio!”


John Kasich: “People keep trying to count me out, but with decent showing in the North-East states of Vermont and Massachusetts, along with the Ohio primaries coming up soon, that means this race is still wide open! Things are finally coming up Kasich!”


Ben Carson: “Did you see that? CNN printed my name on a national poll when they were announcing results!! You can’t buy that kind of publicity! Things are finally coming up Carson!”    


However the truth of the matter is this; the more candidates that stay in the GOP primaries, the more likely the anti-Trump vote will be split among the various nominees. Also this is assuming the GIGANTIC IF in that Trump can still be stopped from getting the nomination, because by all accounts, the delegate math favors him no matter how you look at it. While the other GOP candidates will come up with reasons why Super Tuesday sets it up in their favor, in reality however, things are coming up Trump!







“Forget It Bernie, It’s the Clinton Machine”


While the GOP primaries have been the political version of Springfield’s Tire Fire, the Democratic primaries have been in contrast all chalk. While Bernie Sanders continually makes things interesting, in reality, this was always Hillary Clinton’s nomination to lose.


Take a look at last night, Sanders ended up winning Colorado (35 delegates), Oklahoma (20 delegates), and Minnesota (46 delegates); three states that he wasn’t necessarily predicted to win. However compared to Clinton’s victories in Georgia (70 delegates), Virginia (61 delegates), and Texas (138 delegates!!), Sanders wins look like blips in the face of the inevitable Hillary Clinton Democratic nomination.


The institutional advantages Hillary Clinton and the Clinton political machine have make Sanders’ nomination prospects look that much more daunting. After all, how can Sanders compete when Clinton has such a traditional stronghold on the African-American bloc in the South? Add that to the former President Bill Clinton’s “Wasn’t the Clinton Years Great, You Guys” Tours, make Sanders look as if he already lost before the primary had even started.


Much like Jake in the movie Chinatown, Sanders is starting to see the full weight of the Clinton machine at work. No matter how much of a fight Sanders tries to mount against it, there looks to be an overwhelming feeling of inevitably that’s hard to shake off.


At the time of this writing, Clinton has 1,034 delegates, almost half of the delegates needed to clinch the nomination.


Forget it Bernie, it’s the Clinton machine.



Man, Political Attack Ads Just Keep Getting Weirder and Weirder…

No Trump



Party in Revolt



Ok, real talk.




At this point in the primary, with the amount of attention and support Donald Trump has gotten so far, it’s almost impossible to fathom how he won’t be winning the Republican nomination. In other words, Trump is going to get more delegates than Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. That is just how the delegate math is playing out.


Now if the stories are true, and the Republican Establishment REALLY doesn’t want Trump to be the nominee, then there is only one way to actually make that happen.


A brokered convention.


What that means is to somehow block Trump from getting the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the GOP nomination, thus creating a scenario where Trump will be challenged for the party’s nomination at the Republican National Convention in July. While in recent political history there have been close calls, the last time there was a brokered convention was in 1932 when FDR was running for president!


So yeah this is definitely uncharted waters for everyone involved if this were to actually take place. But as we said before, the delegate math don’t lie, Trump is going to be the nominee. Unless there is a dark horse sixth candidate that enters this race…



Hey, all we’re saying is that he’s anti-Establishment candidate and stood up to Trump better than the current Republican field!


We’re just sayin’ RNC, you could do much worse!



Where the Delegate Count Stands After Super Tuesday

Game of Thrones


Republicans (Need 1,237 to Clinch the Nomination):

1) Donald Trump – 319 Delegates

2) Ted Cruz – 226 Delegates

3) Marco Rubio – 110 Delegates

4) John Kasich – 25 Delegates

5) Ben Carson – 8 Delegates



Democrats (Need 2,383 to Clinch the Nomination):

1) Hillary Clinton – 1,034 Delegates

2) Bernie Sanders – 408 Delegates



(Photo Credits: Donald Trump’s Instagram, CNN, HBO)



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  1. Dan


  2. Anonymous

    A brokered Republican Convention!!

    Man that would be some must see TV right there.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m tired of this site continually undermining the Sanders Campaign.

    Oklahoma! And Colorado! And Minnesota! And Vermont!

    How can anyone think of counting out Sanders? The people who run this “website” are clearly Clinton supporters and it’s time some said something about it!

    • San

      Dude, take it easy! I like Bernie Sanders too, but The Post Turtle is right, his chances don’t look good after yesterday. Hopefully there are other states he does better in and make the Dem. primary competitive again.

  4. San

    LOL! Looks like The Post Turtle has made up its mind about Trump being the nominee. Let’s not give up hope yet.


  5. Anonymous

    TPT makes a really good point about the GOP candidates still staying in the race, while at the same time hurting their chances of beating Trump.

    The Washington Post did a really great Prisoner’s Dilemma diagram about it.


  6. Anonymous

    How does a brokered convention even work, I thought political conventions were meant to bring everyone in the party together?

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