About Last Night: The 11th GOP Debate

GOP Fox Debate

Or what forever will be known as, the presidential debate where Donald Trump described the length of his penis. We really wish we were joking…



Honestly, there really isn’t much to talk about in last night’s 11th GOP debate. We were almost not going to write anything about it. However there are a few interesting takeaways that are worth a look. But before we go any into those, we really should address the elephant in the room…



Did Donald Trump Just Fucking Talk About His Penis on a Presidential Debate Stage?!?



And our expert analysis:



Going Electric


There’s an old saying that says “even Dylan went electric.” It’s a thought that kept creeping in with every John Kasich response in last night’s GOP debate. While Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump tore into each other so badly, that you were waiting for one of them to scream “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?” at the audience, Kasich continued with his very “kitchen table problems” message of why you should choose him to be president.


Yet while this dichotomy on stage was startling – as if Kasich was participating in an entirely different, saner debate – the strategy that he’s employing here makes sense. Since everyone else is trying to take the mantel as the loudest and “toughest” candidate, Kasich is trying to go the other way; a calmer, more composed presence. At one point he even described himself as the “adult on the stage”, which wasn’t too far from the truth.



Kasich’s strategy is to be the anti-2016 GOP primary nominee, the “straight-man” in the comedy of errors that is currently the Republican Party. While in any other year that strategy would have worked, this is 2016, the year the country got drunk on boxed wine and is about to elect a guy who thinks class means selling steaks at the Sharper Image. The very style of the 2016 debates has completely changed.


Originally the heads of the Republican Party were hoping for a much kinder and gentler image of the GOP heading into the 2016 general election cycle. But that didn’t happen. With Trump having entered this race, the rhetoric has gotten harsher and the question of whether Kasich’s message can resonate to this current crop of Republican voters is a legitimate one.


After all, everyone’s going electric.



The Dab Master




Trump Don’t Care



For all intents and purposes, Donald Trump didn’t have a good night on the debate stage. The Fox News moderators continually pointed out holes in his talking points while both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz tried to tag team him into submission. It was so strange that today some are even questioning whether this was a GOP hit job on Trump! From the viewer watching at home, Trump looked to be a habitual liar that was consistently being called out on his bullshit. It wasn’t a good look.


In reality though, none of it mattered.


The people who support Trump at his rallies – and more importantly, at the polls – couldn’t care less about his record. The support goes deeper than that. To them it’s what Trump represents. And currently in these 2016 GOP primaries, he represents a vote of no confidence to the Republican Party.


It’s a perplexing problem that GOP heads currently face. How do you condemn or stop someone from getting the nomination, when you’re condemning only makes those supporting Trump all the more impassioned? Last night’s multiple got you moments left Trump un-phased, because even he knows at this point that’s not what’s going to stop him from the GOP nomination. A vote for Trump means a vote against the GOP Establishment that has controlled the party for the last twenty-odd years.


That’s something that goes deeper than pointing out factual inaccuracies.



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  1. John

    Man finally, was waiting for your guy’s thoughts on last night’s debate!

  2. John

    I’m not a crazy conspiracy theorist or anything, also I’m definitely not a Trump supporter, but I also found last night’s debate to be odd in how Fox News kept picking at Trump the entire night. There were other guys on that stage that made some really bad fibs, but no one called them out on it.

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