About Last Night: Super Tuesday 2: The Sequel to Super Tuesday

Michigan Voting

Other than Trump Steaks and Bernie Sanders, we talk about the biggest winners (and losers) from last night’s slate of primaries.



Last night was supposed to clear things up going into next Tuesday where there would be a glut of winner-take-all states up for grabs. Instead, yesterday’s primaries left us with even more questions. HA! Go figure. Why would yesterday be any different from the LSD, “is this real life”, quality of the 2016 primaries thus far. Regardless, here are some takeaways from last night.



The Bern

Bernie Sanders Win


Every time Hillary Clinton comes close to clinching the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders does something to remind everyone of why he’s still in these 2016 Democratic primaries. Last night, it had to do with the state of Michigan.


With Sanders taking the Michigan primaries in the most unlikely of upsets, it fundamentally changed the way we now look at the Democratic electorate. Only a few days ago, Clinton looked to have the nomination wrapped-up by next week. Now, with pollsters in the Midwest essentially asking two individuals for their thoughts then saying “fuck this noise” and getting a sandwich, the polls that had given Clinton a comfortable lead in the Midwest have suddenly become more suspect. Suddenly for the Sanders campaign, states like Illinois and Ohio are in play. If that were the case, then the Democratic primaries would be going on MUCH longer than Clinton –or really anyone that isn’t named Bernie Sanders – would have anticipated!


While that doesn’t necessarily mean Sanders suddenly becomes a legitimate threat for the Democratic nomination – Clinton courting of Super Delegates and the 60/40 primary wins basically makes her nomination almost inevitable – but it does show Clinton still has a long way to go before she can even attempt to persuade Sanders voters to coming to her campaign.


In many cases, Clinton has greatly shifted (ie flip-flopped) her message on a litany of issues ranging from trade (originally she supported the TPP, but now she’s against it) and Wall Street reform (became much tougher on the issue as the primaries have went on) in hopes of attracting the more liberal-wing of the Democratic Party. Though Sanders’ win in Michigan proves that he isn’t out of this race quite yet, the bigger worry for Clinton (and Democratic Party leaders) should be why she’s having so much trouble putting Sanders away.



Marco Rubio’s Saturday Tuesday Night…

Marge Drinking



…But Everything is Fine


Even though Marco Rubio didn’t even crack double digits in both the Michigan and Mississippi primaries, below are the words that came from an email sent out by the Rubio campaign after his decisive win in Puerto Rico last weekend, making it the second election – first one Minnesota – that he’s won in these primaries!


“TITLE: Rubio Blows Away Competition in Puerto Rico: It’s not the number of states won that decides the Republican nominee – it’s the delegates. Click here to donate now to help Marco as he continues on the path to 1,237.”


There you go. Puerto Rico, the new king makers!



Trump Steaks


Considering how hard Trump was pimping out Trump Steaks in his press conference last night, it’s a thought that crossed all of our minds. Speaking of Trump press conferences…



To Media Outlets Covering the Entirety of Trump’s Press Conference: An Open Letter

Trump Presser


Dear Media,


We’ve noticed recently that you guys have been showing Donald Trump’s press conferences in their entirety on election nights. We’re here because we care about you and concerned over this new coverage regarding Trump’s campaign. The truth is this; Trump does not need any more media coverage!


Don’t get us wrong, in those rare moments Trump does say something cognizant about the 2016 primaries, then switch back to the press conference. Otherwise what you’re doing right now is giving Trump free national coverage! So instead of letting him place supporters in the first two rows, which gives the illusion that even some in the press are excited about his campaign run, or not giving mics to the press, so on TV they can only hear Trump’s answers, effectively letting him frame the question; why not – I don’t know – NOT GIVE HIM A PLATFORM TO DO THIS?! Hell, you wouldn’t let any other candidate get away with this, so why Trump???


Right now Media, you’re in an abusive relationship and the best thing you can do is break this vicious cycle. Because we get it, Trump is entertaining. But so are the Harlem Globetrotters and we don’t see you scrolling blocked letters with the words “BREAKING NEWS” on the bottom of a Curly Joe behind-the-back pass.



That’s because you understand the difference between entertainment and actual news. Or we hope you do anyway…


So next time you find someone shilling their defunct magazine and fake branded steaks, think to yourselves, “is this the best thing we could be putting on television right now?” Because the answer might surprise you.


Some Food for Thought,

From Your Friends at The Post Turtle



Where the Delegate Totals Currently Stand (03/09/2016)


The Democratic Primaries (total needed 2,383 delegates):

Hillary Clinton: 1,223 delegates

Bernie Sanders: 574 delegates


The Republican Primaries (total needed 1,237 delegates):

Donald Trump: 458 delegates

Ted Cruz: 359 delegates

Marco Rubio: 151 delegates

John Kasich: 54 delegates



(Photo Credits: Google Images, Donald Trump Instagram, Bernie Sanders Instagram)


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    Thought they made an excellent point about Trump and how the media just let’s him use them for free publicity.

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