About Last Night: Just the Good Ole’ Boys

CNN GOP Town Hall

In last night’s CNN GOP Town Hall, Wisconsin met the remaining 2016 GOP field. It was kind of like The Bachelor. Only it’s with old men, but just as pointless.



While you were livin’ the high life, there was a CNN Town Hall special regarding the GOP candidates. But don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. Here are our takeaways from the event.



The Art of “Out Trumping” Trump



Last week, a few hours after Brussel’s terrorist attack, Ted Cruz threw out an idea that he harkened back to last night. The idea? To deter terrorism from rising in the US, we must “patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods!”


Let’s be clear here, Cruz’s idea is ineffective at stopping terrorism at best and unconstitutional at worst. The idea of “patrolling” a specific community to stop something as unpredictable as a terrorist attack makes zero sense overall. So it was no wonder that it got a lot of pushback from anyone not named Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. However, this isn’t specifically about that. It’s about the shift in which Cruz has taken in the past couple of weeks.


It’s undeniable that Donald Trump has changed the trajectory of the 2016 GOP primary since he entered the scene, but to understand how much the tone has changed, all you have to look at is the proposed policy by Cruz. In past GOP primaries, the patrolling of Muslim neighborhoods would have been touted as too extreme or even xenophobic by other GOP candidates.


But now?


With Trump having a healthy lead going into the GOP convention, it’s hard not to look at Cruz’s proposal as anything but a play on Trump supporters. Somehow Cruz has “Out Trumped” Trump. So congratulations…?



When You’re Excited to Show the Teacher That You Did Your Homework

Trump Homework



Still Trump

Trump in Town Hall


Yesterday when Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was charged with physical assault, this was Trump’s answer to whether he would be firing Lewandowski from his campaign team.



Then after defending Lewandowski, he went on to defend his actions in the “War of the Wives” he’s currently having with Ted Cruz by saying “he didn’t start it” and how he won’t back the GOP presidential nominee if it’s not him. Also during the audience Q-and-A, when he was asked about “how he plans to protect vulnerable minority groups in the US”, he gave this answer.




Somehow he completely bypassed the question to hark on his national security platform of “we have to be stronger”, which he then suggested more countries should have nuclear weapons.


Trump in other words was still… Donald Trump.


He will be Donald Trump if he gets the GOP nomination, he’ll be Donald Trump if he doesn’t. At this point, you know how you feel about Donald Trump.


So considering every time there is a debate or town hall style Q-and-A, the Internet gets flooded with think pieces, before these events, trying predict if we’ll see what he “actually” stands for. Yet the more we try and dissect his opinions, the more we tend to grasp at straws or worse put significance to his ideas where there are none.



cough immigration cough


So does that mean we should stop dissecting his proposed policies? Of course not! Considering Trump has no other government record, his proposed policies – or lack thereof – are all we have to go on. But to think that you’ll see the appeal of Trump now, if you haven’t already, is a fool’s errand. Last night’s GOP town hall just proved that.



Playing the Straight Man in a Comedy of Errors

Arrested Development


This morning we started writing about how John Kasich, who by no means is a moderate Republican, looks almost Democratic in last night’s town hall when compared to either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump. But when you see the above image, and think to yourself that Kasich’s primary run could be a legitimate television comedy, you can’t help but laugh… and then break down in tears.


laugh to cry


Your 2016 GOP Primaries Everyone!!



(Photo Credit: CNN, Google Images)



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3 Responses to About Last Night: Just the Good Ole’ Boys

  1. Anonymous

    Glad they pointed out Kasich is pretty conservative himself, even though he looks to be moderate between Trump and Cruz.


  2. Ahmed

    Being Muslim, I agree that the Islamophobia in the Republican Primary has gotten really bad. I may not agree with any of Kasich’s policies, but at least he’s not contributing to the narrative that most of us are terrorists. That’s something I respect about him.

  3. Anonymous

    Not a big fan of Kasich, but he’s far better than the other two clowns!

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