What We Learned from Last Night’s Fifth Democratic Debate

Fifth Dem Debate

Finally both candidates got to issues regular people care about! Like what it REALLY means to be progressive!



Last night’s fifth Democratic debate was well, something… Here’s what we learned.



Last Night, Politicians Stopped Being Polite and Started Getting Real!


Maybe even a little too real for our taste…


In last night’s Democratic debate, there was some real animosity towards Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton! There were moments where you wished Martin O’Malley would just come out from the back stage to ask “for just ten more seconds”, to cut the tension. The first third of last night’s debate was a back and forth of “what it meant to be progressive”, with both moderators Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow fanning the flames.


While that kind of tension might be good television, but substantively speaking, it was pretty weak.  That’s not to say that both Clinton and Sanders don’t have legitimate beef – more on that in a bit – but last night just wasn’t the right venue to air it.



So That’s Where We Heard That Argument Before!


Yes, Burning Man forever indeed!!




At Their Weakest Points


There’s a larger idea there that probably deserves its own piece.



The Airing of Grievances


Even though it was disguised as a debate on “progressivism”, Clinton and Sanders both have legitimate anger towards one another and for good reason too.


Why Clinton is Angry at the Sanders Campaign: Sanders has been attracting liberal and young voters to his cause through some very populace ideas. The problem, while the core ideas are strong, the implementation of these ideas could produce major problems. So why is Clinton campaign so frustrated? Because to her campaign, Sanders gets away with high-minded ideas with Democrats while the Clinton campaigns gets absolutely no slack. As we talked about it in Sanders’ single-payer healthcare plan, this is a major complaint from Clinton that you can see as being legitimate.


Why Sanders is Angry at the Clinton Campaign: Don’t let last night’s sentiments from Clinton fool you, Clinton is absolutely an Establishment candidate for the Democratic Party. The idea that Clinton refuses to acknowledge her ties to investment firms or admit that she has strong backing from the party’s Establishment. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why a candidate like Sanders would be so frustrated with the Clinton campaign. To Sanders and his campaign, you are either a moderate with strong backing from powerful individuals or someone who’s an “outsider candidate” that utilizes their base to get things done in a campaign. To him, you can’t have it both ways. Right now, Hillary Clinton does just that.


This will most undoubtedly be the narrative for the rest of the 2016 Democratic primary. The question now becomes, come November will both bases be able to come together to push a Democrat into the White House?



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