Things That You Should Know about Tonight’s Nevada GOP Caucuses

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Here’s what to look for in tonight’s GOP Caucuses in Nevada. Also we give our predictions and side bets for tonight. Because you know, we’re cool like that!



So the Nevada GOP caucuses are tonight and for the most part, they should be pretty boring. Any change from the predictions below would be a major upset. Regardless, Nevada is still important because it could be used as a jumping off-point for the mother of all primaries, Super Tuesday. So here’s what to expect in tonight’s Nevada GOP caucuses.  



Nevada is Trump’s to Lose

Trump Building Nevada


If there has ever been a state that Donald Trump should handily win, it’s Nevada. Even if you were to disregard Trump’s deep roots in Nevada’s gaming community and his double-digit lead in every national poll, his nationalistic position of deporting illegal immigrants and bringing back jobs from overseas has really resonated with many rural communities in the state. Even Trump himself has commented that he could not campaign in Nevada and still win! Which actually looks to be the case.


Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are trying to appeal to the large groups of Mormons and Evangelicals in the state in hopes of breaking into Trump’s sizable lead. The general idea revolves around taking advantage of Trump’s substandard ground game in Nevada and flipping enough votes before tonight’s caucuses. But if we’re being honest with ourselves, it looks unlikely that either Cruz or Rubio will pull out the win in Nevada.





Caucuses are Always Weird

Deck of Cards


This is how ties are determined in the Nevada Caucuses:



Regardless of trying to break a tie-breaker with a deck of cards, there are some other peculiarities when it comes to the Nevada Caucuses. Like the fact that in Nevada there is only a four hour window to caucus (which more often than not leads to chaos in certain precincts). Weirdness can always happen in a caucus format and Nevada is no exception. But for the most part, in tonight’s caucuses, it should be straight chalk (ie Trump should win handily).






The GOP Nevada Caucus

1) Donald Trump

2) Marco Rubio

3) Ted Cruz

4) Ben Carson

5) John Kasich


Side Bets

  • Marco Rubio gets a big chunk of the Mormon bloc.

  • John Kasich drops out after the poor performance in Nevada.



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  1. Anonymous

    What’s the spread on Trump not winning it all?

  2. Sumantra

    Right now the betting markets have Donald Trump at 5/6 odds of winning the GOP Nomination.

  3. Geoff

    LOL! Only a guy like Sumantra (who I think runs this site) would know the betting odds of the GOP primary!

    Love the site, keep up the great work!

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