The Post Turtle’s Guide to Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday

Everything you need to know about Super Tuesday in one post! So come on, who loves ya!



In politics – especially when it comes to the media reporting on a political story – there’s this tendency of overselling the event. It’s become so bad that the term “Breaking News” basically means just Wolf Blitzer telling you the news. However Super Tuesday, is a REALLY big deal!


It not only can give us a clearer idea of who the respective nominees from both parties could be, but it also gives you a glimpse at how well candidates could do in the general election. And between us, heard it’s going to be better than ten Super Bowls! We don’t want to oversell it, judge for yourselves.  


Anyway, here’s our guide to everything you need to know for Super Tuesday!



The Curious Case of Chris Christie


In a strange election cycle that has been chock full of strange days, last Friday’s Chris Christie endorsement was easily one of the most surprising things to happen in a looooong time. There is JUST SO MUCH to unpack here, in how it affects Super Tuesday and beyond, that we’ll break this down into bullet points.


  • Now that it has been a couple of days and the initial shock of Chris Christie endorsing Donald Trump for president has worn-off, this starts to make a lot of sense when you read a tweet like this.



  • If you’re to look at Christie’s options for backing a presidential candidate after he dropped out of the race a couple of weeks ago, you see they’re remarkably slim. He can’t endorse Marco Rubio after he went H.A.M on him before the New Hampshire primaries – which many believe led to an underwhelming primary performance – so that’s out of the question. Ted Cruz looks to be on a downslide since his primary win in Iowa, plus the backing of Cruz makes little to no sense for Christie. But Christie’s endorsement of Trump would be beneficial to both parties.


  • For Trump, one of the biggest marks against him has been his ability to bring-in political endorsements from those within government like senators, congressmen, and especially governors. A Christie endorsement not only shuts that criticism down, but it paves the way for other Republicans to unify behind him if he were to win enough pledge delegates.


  • For Christie, as the above tweet states, there’s a possibility for him to politically move up the ranks. Since both Rubio and Cruz look to be dead ends, why not endorse Trump early and hope to get an Attorney General or high political position out of it! Is this move politically opportunistic of Christie? Absolutely. But is it also the smartest move Christie has made in months? Absolutely!


  • So finally the big question, how does this endorsement effect Trump’s chances for Super Tuesday and beyond? Well, as we said before, it gives a pathway for Republicans that want to get on the Donald J. Trump bandwagon. Since Christie’s endorsement; Maine’s Gov. Paul LePage, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, and Tennessee Rep. Scott DesJarlais, have all endorsed Trump! While political endorsements haven’t been the Rosetta Stone like they have been in past presidential primaries, they are still important for a candidate to gain legitimacy within the party. Trump now has that. But with all that said…



None of That Matters, Because Trump Looks to Run the Table on Super Tuesday

Donald Trump


What. The. Fuck. Happened.


Seriously, how did we get here?!


Originally when Trump decided to run for the Republican nomination we laughed and laughed. Now we’ve become Warden Norton in The Shawshank Redemption, trying to piece together how all this exactly came to pass!


With the exception of Texas – we’ll get to that in a minute – Donald Trump looks to run the table on Super Tuesday, which means he should get the majority of 632 delegates that are up for grabs. The worst case scenario for the Trump campaign is that he remains the delegate leader after Super Tuesday, but not by much. The best case scenario? That Trumps extends his delegate lead over both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio by a considerable margin making him the eventual nominee for the Republican Party!


The key for Trump on Super Tuesday is to get the most votes in the large winner-take-most states, where candidates would have to break a certain percentage threshold to gain delegates. In states like Alabama (50 delegates), Georgia (76 delegates), and Tennessee (58 delegates), if he can get the most delegates, while candidates like Ben Carson and John Kasich play spoiler and take delegates away from both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz; then Super Tuesday could very well be the first steps in cementing a Donald Trump Republican nomination.


tobias crying


We honestly don’t know if anyone can go head-to-head with Donald Trump in hopes of slowing him… wait… do you hear that?!? “BAH GAWD! THAT’S JOHN OLIVER’S MUSIC!!!”







Radio Silence


Game goes to #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain



Marco Rubio’s Campaign Slogan on Super Tuesday


Hey, we’re not saying Marco Rubio is going anywhere anytime soon, he’s literally the GOP Establishment’s only hope! But if there was a slogan that the crowd should be chanting before he goes on stage to give his “We’ll Give’em Hell Next Time” speech on Super Tuesday, it probably should be this one!



Sanders’ Last Stand

Sanders Last Stand


Up to this point, Bernie Sanders has defied expectations and gave the Clinton Machine a sizable challenge in these Democratic primaries. But after the Drago v. Apollo-esque beat down that was the South Carolina primaries on Saturday, Sanders’ chances of stealing the Democratic nomination isn’t looking too hot at the moment.


If South Carolina is any indication of Sanders’ performance in Southern states, then that could be the proverbial death knell in terms of delegate math for his campaign. States like Texas (222 delegates), Virginia (94 delegates), and Georgia (102 delegates) are looking to go heavily towards Clinton. At that rate, even if Sanders were to win all of his expected North-Eastern states like Massachusetts (91 delegates) and Vermont, along with Oklahoma (38 delegates), Minnesota (77 delegates), and Colorado (66 delegates), that still wouldn’t be enough to off-set his losses in the South!


While Trump has proven in the 2016 presidential primaries that anything is possible, Super Tuesday could look like the beginning of the end for the Sanders campaign.



Meanwhile at the Hillary Clinton Campaign Headquarters…

Hillary Clinton Dancing



Texas Forever



Even though we’ve talked about it in the past, but for Ted Cruz, it’s been very difficult to establish a solid campaign base. With both Marco Rubio and Donald Trump attracting the Establishment vote and “the outsider” vote respectively, Cruz has become a man without a country. Hell, he’s so by himself in these primaries that Cruz is only an eye-patch away from quitting these primaries and running an organization off an oil tanker in international waters while calling themselves “Diamond Dogs!” #MetalGearSolidDeepCuts


But fear not Ted Cruz, because there is always Texas!


Ted Cruz Coloring Book Page


Texas is the only GOP state that Trump does not have a sizable lead in. But more importantly, it has a sizable 155 delegate count that is Cruz’s to lose (with it being his home state and all).


The real question is not if Cruz will win his home state, but by how much he’ll win by? Texas, like many states on Super Tuesday, is a winner-take-most state. That means if Trump can keep it close, then he could end up with a good chunk of those 155 delegates. If not, then Cruz could be looking at an early exit, because the other states on Super Tuesday aren’t looking nearly as hospitable. Texas is the Cruz campaign’s last vestige of hope.



Texas forever indeed!



Let’s Check in on the Ben Carson and John Kasich Campaigns Before Super Tuesday!



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  1. Anonymous

    Don’t you guys usually do predictions for these things?



  2. Gloria

    While I love the stories on this site, I have to say I think these guys continually undermine Bernie Sanders and his chances at getting the Dem. ticket!

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely Gloria. Democrats have been embracing center-right policies since the early-90’s, and they’re clearly failing us. Sites like this in the media continually undermine that effort.

  3. Anonymous

    I lost a lot of respect for Chris Christie on Friday! Honestly, it’s telling when your former Finance Finance Co-Chair for your campaign calls your choice “a dishonest demagogue who plays to our worst fears!”

  4. Anonymous

    I think people are just mad at Christie because he’s siding with Trump and right now there is a hard anti-Trump sentiment going around. All Christie did was just smart politics.

  5. Nixon's Clone

    LOL, love the Jim Ross wrestling reference in there!

    Also the site has only been reporting the facts when it comes to Bernie Sanders. He really doesn’t have the delegates to win the nomination.

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