The Odd Man Out: Jeb Bush Drops Out of the 2016 GOP Race

Jeb Bush Bows Out

With Jeb Bush dropping out of the 2016 GOP primary last weekend, we look back at his short (yet disastrous) run.  



It was during one of the GOP primary debates – we can’t remember which one at this point because they all just congeal together in one large stump speech about bombing ISIS and “building a wall” at this point – that a response from Donald Trump made Jeb Bush basically act like this.



Jeb Bush this morning was still staring outside his hotel room window wondering where it all went so very, very wrong. He’s probably thinking that even with all the resources and the Establishment manpower behind him, how could he not make it to Super Tuesday?


SUPER TUESDAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


tobias crying


Hell, Ben Carson who looks asleep half the time is still in these primaries! John Kasich – in which after the New Hampshire electorate played a really mean joke on him, making him think that he still has chance in 2016 – is still in these primaries! But most of all, this guy is still in these primaries:



No amount of money or Establishment clout could have prepared Bush for the “we’ll make them pay for the wall” slogan makin’, “all we need to deal with ISIS is just a few bullets and pig’s blood” sayin’, I’ll just vomit numbers that aren’t even close to being factual throwin’, Donald Trump presidential run!


What Jeb Bush had originally prepared for was a primary run that mirrored past presidential primaries. Or aka reality. What he got was a GOP cyclone of half-facts and harsh rhetoric. The money and political clout that Bush had amassed during the summer was useless in this type of endeavor. Similar to a how taking a Billy Blank Tae Bo class won’t properly prepare you to fight in an underground kickboxing match where you dip your hands in broken glass, Bush was never properly ready for this kind of war. Once the debates started it slowly was becoming clear, much like Cutty in The Wire, this type of fight was no longer “in him no more.”


Also Marco Rubio didn’t help matters either.


As the primaries continued on, Rubio started to make more sense to the GOP Establishment. He was young, son of working-class Cuban immigrants, and relatable; three qualities that usually aren’t associated with the current brand of the Republican Party. For Establishment Republicans, once you looked at the potential of what a Rubio nomination could be for the future of the GOP, Bush just looked dated as a candidate.


Not to mention this:


and this:



and this:



and  this:


Jeb Bush Black Hand


and this:



and this:


And many other complete fuck-ups from the Jeb Bush campaign made the GOP Establishment backing of Marco Rubio all that much easier.


If you remember our GOP primary preview, Bush was our front-runner going into the first GOP debates and his very early exit of the GOP primaries probably says something deeper about the Republican Party and the current state of American politics, but it’s too early to say what exactly that is. Much like us, Bush was betting on conventional wisdom and traditional conservative policy to win the Republican nomination.


But just like how a Certified Public Accountant would have no business being in the universe of Mad Max, Bush had no business being in the 2016 GOP primaries. He always was (and always would be) the odd man out. There was no place for political logic in these 2016 GOP primaries. Jeb Bush had to find that out the hard way.


Or so it goes.



(Photo Credit: Jeb Bush Instagram, Google Images)


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