The 3 Things to Look for in Today’s New Hampshire Primary

New Hampshire

Just fair warning, but things are about to get a little weird in New Hampshire!



So today is going to be one of those days in the primary season that’s going to get a little weird.


Let's Get Weird


Nope still need it a little weirder …




There we go, that’s how weird things are going to get tonight!


But during today’s primary, it’s important to remember the results of New Hampshire should be taken with a grain of salt, because the results here won’t necessarily mirror anywhere else. So before we jump into the three things we should look for in today’s primary, just wanted to put that out there.


With that said, it’s time to get weird on these 2016 primaries!



Bernie Sanders Will Crush Hillary Clinton


And when we mean crush, we’re saying that it isn’t even going to be close. Like it’s going to be the Golden State Warriors playing a terrible middle-school team that barely understands the concept of basketball type of win. We’re talking The Undertaker jobbing the Brooklyn Brawler type of beat down here. It’s so bad, even the Clinton campaign has abandoned all hope of making New Hampshire even respectable at this point!


So does that mean Sanders will be the eventual nominee for the Democratic Party? Nope, not at all.


Sanders still runs into the same problems as before, he can’t attract minority voters (especially those in the Latino and African-American blocs). So considering most of New Hampshire is populated with affluent/White-liberals, for the Sanders campaign New Hampshire is like playing a video game with a cheat code.


The question that looms tonight is how much Sanders is going to win by? With Sanders going HAM on all the prediction models, the gap between Sanders and Clinton should be sizable. If – and this is a MASSIVE IF – Clinton can break into Sanders lead in anyway, that could spell trouble for Sanders down the road. Still on the Democratic side, New Hampshire shouldn’t tell us anything that we already didn’t know.



This Should Be Trump’s Night

Donlad Trump


All the polls and predictive models show one thing; Donald Trump should easily win the New Hampshire primary. Unlike Iowa, where it was basically a toss-up between Trump and Ted Cruz, tonight looks to be decisively a Trump victory. The biggest question however comes in the groups that will actually come out and support Trump?


In Iowa, it broke bad for Trump as most of the social conservatives (ie the Evangelical bloc) propelled Cruz to the top of the ballot. Even though it looks as if Trump should win out New Hampshire, looking at how much he wins by will give us a better idea in how well he will fare in other states.



The Real Battle is for Second

Second Place


Never thought we’d be saying these words in the 2016 primaries, but the biggest winner of New Hampshire could actually be John Kasich! A second place finish for Kasich would be huge boost for his campaign by essentially staving off an early exit in the primaries.


Yet this is a HUGE opportunity for Marco Rubio as well. With a second place finish, it would put Rubio in an ideal position to capture the nomination. Thus far, there has been a general belief that many of the Establishment candidates like Rubio, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and Chris Christie have split-up their potential voting pool by running in the 2016 primary. But if Rubio can capture a second place finish tonight, then it puts himself in a good position to capture these Establishment votes as the other three candidates start dropping out.


It’s important to note that also both Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz aren’t too far behind in the polls, but either of them overtaking Rubio or Kasich would be a major upset. Regardless, whoever comes in second could be the biggest winner of the New Hampshire primary.






Democratic Primary:

1) Bernie Sanders 73%

2) Hillary Clinton 22%


Republican Primary:

1) Donald Trump 34%

2) Marco Rubio 22%

3) John Kasich 18%

4) Ted Cruz 8%

5) Jeb Bush 5%



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