Primer for Tonight’s (Actual) Fifth Democratic Debate

Dem Debate

I guess we aren’t counting Town Hall events as part of the debate schedule? WISH SOMEONE WOULD HAD TOLD US THAT!



We are now at an impasse with this title. Do we continue and just call tonight’s debate the sixth Democratic debate (like God intended) or do we just give up on our principles and call it the fifth Democratic debate (like the Elections Commission calls it due to the last Democratic thing being called a “Town Hall Event”)?


Even though we caved to societal norms, you dear readers fight the good fight! Anyway, here are a few things to look for in tonight’s… fifth…


Mike Shaking Head


Democratic debate.



Clinton the Underdog?



With the razor thin results from this week’s Iowa Caucus and many experts feeling Bernie Sanders has a real chance of running away with the New Hampshire primary, Hillary Clinton is playing the role of the underdog. No seriously, just look at FiveThirtyEight’s estimate of New Hampshire!


In this entire election, the narrative for the Democratic primary has been pretty crystal clear; Sanders is the upstart trying to will his way to the nomination by bringing down the juggernaut that is the Clinton Political Machine! This time the tables have turned however. With the Sanders campaign now feeling the momentum it will be interesting to see how he handles being the favorite, while the media has now painted Clinton at the underdog role. While we think Clinton is clearly the favorite to win the nomination until Sanders can attract minority voters to his cause, there seems to be a nervous energy on the Clinton side since Iowa that we haven’t seen before. Don’t be surprised if you see Clinton go after Sanders with a new ferocity that wasn’t present in the previous debates.



Finally It’s a Dual


For faaaar too long, Martin O’Malley felt like the third wheel in the Democratic debates. Anytime Clinton and Sanders were getting a back and forth, a question would go to O’Malley completely destroying the flow of the debate, making it more awkward than a middle school dance. Both Sanders and Clinton are very good debaters so it should be interesting to see them finally go at it rebutting on each other’s points and trying to gain leverage by fighting for the final word. To us, with O’Malley out of the way and the debates finally happening in the heart of primary season, the “actual” Democratic debates start tonight!



Watch the (Progressive) Throne

Watch the Throne


It all basically started with this tweet.



After Sanders threw some shade at Clinton calling her progressive poser – which to be fair he isn’t that far off – she then dropped the “I gave eight million kids health insurance” track on everyone. This is both really interesting (and incredibly funny) that both politicians, after the youth turnout in Iowa, want to grab the “progressive candidate” title. While Sanders is CLEARLY the more progressive candidate out of the two, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Clinton trying to make a case for that progressive throne tonight.



Tonight’s fifth Democratic debate starts at 9 PM Eastern and can be seen on MSNBC or here.     



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