President Obama’s 2017 (and Final) Budget Requests

Obama Budget

Isn’t the mountain metaphor for President Obama’s most ambitious budget a little on the nose?



As you may already know, each year the president unveils a budget which specifies exactly what programs they would like to push for and fund in the coming year. Today President Barack Obama unveiled his final budget proposal of his presidency.


In President Obama’s 2017 Budget Request he specifically asks for $4.1 trillion for a handful of government programs ranging from cutting carbon pollution to extending food stamp programs into the summer so schools could continue to provide reduced lunch for students to creating new investments for US’ electric grid. The 218-page behemoth is President Obama’s most ambitious (and costliest) budget yet.


While it is true that many of the proposals outlined in President Obama’s budget has a snowball’s chance in Hell of passing a GOP-controlled Congress, these presidential budget proposals are still important in giving keen insight on what programs the Obama administration looks to push in the coming year.


For you lunatics out there that want to go through the budget yourselves, you can find the entire thing here. For you saner folks, you can read the White House’s general overview to get a better idea of what’s actually inside the 218-page report without having to read it line-by-line like a crazy person.


As for our lunatic selves, we will be reading this thing and hope to have a 10-Point Expert on it sometime this week. Well, time to get readin’!





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