An Ode to the Brawlers: Christie and Fiorina Suspend Their Campaigns

Christie and Fiorina

A look back at Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie’s time in the 2016 GOP primaries.



There’s an old saying in politics that a brawler always has a chance. In any political contest if a candidate is willing to “go to the mattresses” in a moment’s notice is someone that you can never count out. That’s why people always looked at both Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie as potential spoilers in these 2016 GOP primaries. Yesterday both candidates announced they would be suspending their campaigns after poor performances in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.


A few months ago, Carly Fiorina looked to be gaining legitimate momentum in the GOP primaries. While she was a long-shot from becoming a contender for the nomination, early on Fiorina was gaining a following and started polling well with voters that were looking for alternatives for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.


But a presidential primary be a fickle mistress.


Even though candidates poll well early on, that doesn’t necessarily mean that carries over. In the past few months, Fiorina started to lose considerable support. Originally she ran on a platform of social conservatism, specifically concentrating on defunding organizations like Planned Parenthood. Yet as the primaries started to focus on other issues in the campaign, Fiorina was unable to pivot her message. In turn, she made a nose dive in the polls which even a Twitter campaign couldn’t save her. In many ways Fiorina was always destined to be the Santorums and Giulianis of primary history, gaining momentum early just to see it tapered off when they needed it the most. Last night that promise finally came to its fruition.


In contrast Chris Christie was a political force from the very moment he had decided to enter the field. While Fiorina was looked at as a fiery up-start, Christie was the seasoned veteran that survived “Bridgegate” and came out of the other side still standing. This was only possible because Christie, much like Fiorina, is a political brawler. Someone that can go toe-to-toe with any candidate on stage.


The debates were filled with moments in which Christie threw haymaker-after-haymaker at his GOP opponents, sometimes indiscriminately. Other times however, he had a very specific target in mind.



In another primary, Christie would have been a political juggernaut, but these GOP primaries are well… weird. As we’ve said before on this site, Christie is just four years too late in deciding it was time to become President of the United States. Christie’s window of opportunity closed in 2012.


The exit of Christie makes life easier for the other GOP Establishment candidates. While Jeb Bush and John Kasich are glad that Christie has bowed out of the primaries – because it expands their hypothetical voting pool of GOP Establishment voters – but someone like Rubio is absolutely ecstatic. Christie has been the thorn in Rubio’s side from the beginning of these 2016 primaries. Hell, many believe the above video is the main reason Rubio underperformed in New Hampshire on Tuesday!


But that shouldn’t come a surprise to anyone. That’s just what political brawlers do.


Or so it goes.



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