About Last Night: The 10th GOP Primary Debate

GOP CNN Debate

Last night’s final GOP debate before Super Tuesday if nothing else was contentious. And by contentious, I mean a complete shit show.   


Last night’s GOP debate was supposed to be important because it was the last time candidates could make their cases before Super Tuesday. Instead it devolved into a yelling match of half-truths and insults. Regardless, here are your takeaways from last night’s GOP debate.     



GOP Establishment Just Doesn’t Understand Trump


This morning, the above clip has been making the rounds on morning shows and political sites. It’s been a clip that has every Anti-Trump Republican posting on Twitter with the hashtag #TakingThePartyBack. It’s a clip that Establishment Republicans are pumping their fists at and Marco Rubio is undoubtedly proud of. For many Republicans, that moment was the first time they decided that they were going to stand up to Donald Trump.


And that moment that the GOP Establishment is so proud of, means exactly “jack” and “shit” to those that are contemplating about voting for Trump.


The Trump faithful within the Republican Party care not about “standing next to Israel” or talking about specifics regarding healthcare legislation. They want you TO BUILD A GOD DAMN WALL!!!




The appeal of Donald Trump has never been about policy, it’s been about the core idea of American Nationalism. Specifically White-Christian American Nationalism.


In other words, the GOP Establishment can’t beat Trump by trying to out-bully him – though it helps – or trying to outmaneuver him in regards to public policy. The Trump movement is about broad strokes, not specifics. It’s about poetry, not prose. It’s about “making America great again”, not about how are we going to “make America great again!”


Last night’s debate showed that Rubio and the GOP Establishment fundamentally don’t understand what makes Donald Trump so appealing to millions of conservative voters. And you can’t stop something, you can’t understand.



HAHAHAHA, But Seriously Just Say the Word…


Looks like Lindsey Graham is still working through some stuff.


Also, speaking of Ted Cruz…



A Man Without a Country


In the debate last night, Ted Cruz looked to be on an island all by himself. Similar to how Avon told Stringer on The Wire, Cruz looks not hard enough to go blow-for-blow with Donald Trump and maybe, just maybe, not smart enough to be the Anti-Trump candidate that Marco Rubio is looking to be! Even though Cruz looks to win his home state of Texas on Super Tuesday, every other state he looks to be part of a bum fight for second place. Which if you really think about it, makes a lot of sense.


Even though Cruz is anything but an Establishment candidate, Trump has done a pretty decent job of painting Cruz as another politician from Washington. On the other hand, Rubio looks to be the Establishment’s choice and to make matters worse, he’s becoming the Anti-Trump candidate as well. For Ted Cruz he’s a guy that’s suddenly struggling to find a base. A man without a country.


On Tuesday we’ll see how bad this problem has gotten, but from the looks of it, this could spell the beginning of the end for Ted Cruz.



Glad to See Last Night’s Debate Was About Issues and Didn’t Devolve into a Complete Shit Show





(Photo Credit: CNN)


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