About Last Night: Nevada’s GOP Caucuses

Trump Building Nevada

We make sense of last night’s GOP caucuses in Nevada and try to not crown Trump the GOP presidential nominee like everyone else in the media is.



Yesterday’s GOP caucuses in Nevada basically came out as we expected. Donald Trump was expected to be the big winner of the night and shockingly… he was. Still this being American politics, that didn’t preclude people from creating garish Trump Buildings out of small Nevada like molehills. Regardless, here are some takeaways from last night’s Nevada caucuses.



Stage 5: Acceptance

Donald Trump Running


So our knee-jerk reaction to anything regarding the combination of the words “Trump”, “favorite”, and “GOP nomination”, is this:



But after Mara Liasson, of National Public Radio, said on a recent NPR Politics podcast that, “if someone told you one month ago that a GOP candidate would finish second in Iowa and then easily win in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada, you would call that person the Republican nominee-in-waiting.” And she is right. The only reason, we are at this point, not declaring Trump as the current front-runner is because… well… he’s Donald Trump.


If this was either Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz in the same situation, we would say the nomination at this point was theirs to lose. In truth, we should be considering Trump in the same vain. Whether you like it or not, with the string of recent victories, the GOP nomination is Trump’s to lose at this point.


But still, until Super Tuesday, we should also take that idea with a grain of salt.



Yeah He’s Doing Well, But Let’s Not Get Too Carried Away Here…


Imma let you finish CNN reporter who doesn’t really understand demographics, but first we’ll just leave this right here.



As we said before, Trump is doing well… but not THAT well.



Always the Bridesmaid Never the Bride



For a while now we have been saying that Marco Rubio is in the ideal position to take the Republican nomination when the time is right. Yesterday, even though Rubio came in second once again, Donald Trump dominated the Nevada caucuses with an impressive win leaving the state with 14 delegates when days before he left South Carolina with all 50 delegates since it was a “winner-take-all” primary.


Right now, Trump holds the delegate lead with 81 delegates to Cruz and Rubio who have 17 delegates each. While it’s WAY TOO EARLY to call the 2016 Republican nomination to Donald Trump, it’s hard to deny that at the moment, this has been Trump’s race thus far. As for Rubio, while he’s still in a strong position to do well on Super Tuesday and take back the momentum from Trump, at some point Rubio has to start winning states.


But for right now, Rubio has always been the bridesmaid and never the bride. And for the GOP Establishment, that probably terrifies them.



Before Super Tuesday, the GOP Establishment Might Be Making a Call This Weekend


GOP Establishment’s “Wolf” is Karl Rove, right?




Yeah, it’s Karl Rove.



Delegate Count after Nevada’s GOP Caucuses (You Need 1,237 to Capture the Nomination):

1) Donald Trump: 14 Delegates (Total Delegates: 81)

2) Marco Rubio: 7 Delegates (Total Delegates: 17)

3) Ted Cruz: 6 Delegates (Total Delegates: 17)

4) Ben Carson: 1 Delegate (Total Delegates: 4)

5) John Kasich: 1 Delegate (Total Delegates: 6)



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  1. Anonymous

    Trump winning the White House? Looks like the movie Idiocracy is actually coming true!

  2. Anonymous

    I’m sorry but I just don’t see Trump winning the GOP nomination. As the author of the piece says, you need over 1200 delegates to get the nomination. Can anyone really see him getting that?

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