While We We Out: How Did Your Holidays Go?

Hello Hello I'm Back Again

Other than the website being perpetually on fire, ours was just great…



So to start this out, it’s important to know that mistakes were made. During the break we were planning to dole out something we called our TPT Holiday Mailbag, where we answer your reader questions.


But as you may have noticed, that didn’t happen.


Even though we did receive A TON of questions from you guys, we had formatting issues from our end when trying to post them. To make matters worse, anyone that actually could fix the problem was on break…


But fret not, 2016 has been dubbed “The Year of Rebranding!” So in honor of this momentous occasion we are rebranding the “TPT Holiday Mailbag” to the “TPT Holiday Hangover Mailbag!”


Cheering real


We thought you might be into it. Or maybe you’re not. Some of us are still stuck in their sister’s flat in London because their flight got delayed by a day, so who really knows? (We’re looking at you Sumantra!)


Regardless we’ll be posting our answers to your questions throughout the month of January. It should give you all some good primer for the upcoming election year. Our first one should be going up tomorrow, so look out for that. As for everything else, here’s what we missed while we were out…



  • During the holidays the Department of Homeland Security executed the stealthiest of stealth moves by announcing their deportation initiative around Christmas. We won’t get into too much detail here, because we have a 10-Point Expert in place that explains the entre situation pretty well. Expect that to be up later today.


  • From the last time we left off, the 2016 Presidential race looks remarkably unchanged. Donald Trump – for reasons most of us can’t possibly comprehend – still remains in the head of the pack in the GOP primaries with contenders like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio jockeying for second-place. While we still don’t think Trump will be the eventual GOP nominee – there are just too many indicators that he can’t sustain this momentum – it’s pretty clear now that he will win at least a few states in these primaries, which is a few more than anyone had initially expected.


  • As for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton continues to be the destroyer of all worlds when it comes to the Democratic primaries. With now a commanding 22 point lead in the Real Clear Politics’ national aggregate poll, most of Clinton’s political attacks have less been focused on her primary opponents and more at the GOP themselves. In what looks to be a chaotic primary season, Clinton capturing the Democratic nomination looks to be the only sure bet.


To be clear there are more things to talk about like the Oregon militia stand-off at the National WildLife Reserve and President Obama’s executive action on gun control, but up top were some quick points to get back into the swing of things. Otherwise than that we should be back to relatively full strength throughout the week. So check back!





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