TPT Holiday Hangover Mailbag: Hold Up, Isn’t Ted Cruz Canadian?

U.S. Senator Cruz speaks to members of the Texas Federation of Republican Women in San Antonio, Texas

Some one once told me being Canadian is kinda like being American? So that counts, right?



So here we go, our first question! CAN YOU FEEL THE ENERGY!!!


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Probably not because the realization that you’re not going to have a substantial break for quite a while is just sinking in. Regardless, let’s get started!



Q: Recently after one of the GOP debates, one of the pundits at the cable news channels (can’t remember who it was) commented that Ted Cruz wasn’t even born in the US. After doing some research, a quick check on his Wikipedia page showed this was in fact true! Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada. So my question is, how is he running for president? I thought you needed to be born in the US to be president? Also if that isn’t the case, then why was there such a fuss over Barack Obama being born in Kenya a few years ago?

– Caren L. (Takoma, WA)



Well Caren,


Like everything in politics, the answer depends on who you ask.


Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada. Meaning he didn’t become a US citizen by birth. That we know is true. Now the question becomes does this disqualify him from becoming president of the United States since he wasn’t born on US soil? For that we have to look at the US Constitution.


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When you look at the Constitution, it does in fact address the issue of the qualifications necessary to be the President of the United States, but is fairly murky with the details. Out of the three qualifications to becoming president, Cruz easily meets two of them; must be over the age of 35 and a US resident for over 14 years. Yet the third qualification is a bit opaque when the Constitution says that the candidate must be a “natural born citizen.” It’s that definition of what it means by “natural born citizen” where it is up for debate.


Majority of people, including the majority of legal experts, would say that means becoming a citizen from birth, not through the naturalization process. Even though Cruz was never born on US soil, his mother was an American citizen and many contend that would make him a “natural born citizen” because citizenship is granted if one of the biological parents was a US citizen at the time of birth.


Cruz’s eligibility for the White House has been questioned many times, but he does have one huge proponent to his claim. In 2011, the Congressional Research Service looked at this exact question and ruled “natural born citizen” meant citizenship held through birth. By the federal government’s definition, Cruz is eligible to becoming president of the United States. But that doesn’t mean everyone agrees. Early on Donald Trump questioned Cruz’s legality of running for the presidency while Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida threatens he would file a lawsuit of Cruz’s eligibility if he were to win the Republican 2016 nomination.


Even though the courts never specifically ruled on the issue, for the most part legal experts (and sane people) are on the side of Ted Cruz that he is eligible to become president.


Now to the second part of your question, if Cruz is eligible to becoming president then what was the big deal over Barack Obama?


Excellent Question


The truth of the matter is EVEN IF Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States – which for the record he most definitely was – he would still be eligible for the presidency because his mother was an American citizen, just like Ted Cruz!


So if you had a problem with Obama becoming the President of the United, logically speaking, you should have a problem with Cruz running to the presidency as well. Also the only people that don’t consider either Cruz or Obama eligible for the presidency are crazy people. So don’t be like this guy.


Which is pretty good advice not only for this situation, but in your general everyday life.



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