Some Primer for Tonight’s Sixth Republican Debate

Fox Business Debate Stage

“These debates matter now, right? So that means I actually have to start listening…?” – The Average American 



Right about now many of you are saying to yourselves, “there sure are a lot of these GOP debates!” And yes, you’d be right with that sentiment. However as we start getting into the heart of primary season, where people will be actually casting votes in their caucus, these debates suddenly become very relevant. So for the sixth time this primary season, here’s some primer for tonight’s Republican debate.



Thank You Merciful God, There are Only Six Spots on that Debate Stage!


Well technically there will be seven candidates participating in the GOP debate. (Note: Even though John Kasich is polling low on the national polls, he’s polling quite well in Iowa which lets him qualify for this debate.) Regardless, having “less noise” on the GOP debate stage can be a good thing. With fewer individuals on the debate stage, that gives candidates more leeway to expound on answers and not have to shout over everyone to get attention. Which in turn creates better debates, which helps everybody!


Also if we’re really being honest here, Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina were never going to take the nomination this late in the primary cycle. So for the sake of more substantive debate, their absences could be looked at as acceptable losses for the greater good. Even though, Rand Paul barely missed qualification.



Who Shoots First?


Jeet Heer of The New Republic isn’t too far off from the truth. Currently the GOP primary looks like a Mexican standoff between 12 conservatives. Seven of the more trigger happy are set to be on stage tonight. Thus far – with the exception of a few heated exchanges – the candidates in these GOP primaries have been mostly civil with one another. But as we get deeper into the heart of primary season, some start to get desperate as their campaigns fall behind.


So the question becomes, who shoots first?


Our money is on Jeb Bush. With Bush’s super PAC, Right to Rise, attacking the new Republican Establishment hotness Marco Rubio relentlessly as of late, a direct contest with him or the other GOP Establishment candidates like Chris Christie or John Kasich wouldn’t be out of the question. With his clout running out fast with Establishment Republicans, it might be Bush’s only play to stay relevant in these 2016 primaries. After all, you always hurt the ones you love.



Don’t Go Breaking My Heart


Speaking of hurting the one’s you love, you knew it was coming, but you’re never ever really ready for it. With Ted Cruz right on the coattails of Donald Trump in the Iowa polls, their bromance might be ending sooner, rather than later. If they were to finally attack each other on a national stage, tonight would be the night. But considering both are vying for the same Republican base, it might be counter-intuitive to attack each other on the national stage, thus continue to decry the GOP Establishment and the media. Hey, it’s worked for them thus far.


“Hold on for one more day!”

“Hold on for one more day!”



The sixth Republican Primary debate is scheduled for 9 PM eastern and can be seen here.  



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