Some Primer for Tonight’s Seventh GOP Debate

Fox Debate Stage

You know, the one Trump isn’t going to be at.



For people like us who are “in the shit” when it comes to discussing political debates, you tend to see the same things over-and-over again. But sometimes, something like this drops:



So yeah, that happened. It will be nice to have a debate where we don’t talk about Donald Trump for the night.


the simpsons laughing


Ah, it feels good to laugh!


Regardless there should be non-Trump topics talked about tonight as well, but before we get into those…



No But Seriously, It’s All About Trump

Of course this debate is going to be all about Donald Trump! Even though he won’t be physically there in person, there is no doubt he will be the most talked about candidate on stage. Trump’s base may have been solidified as a voting bloc by him skipping this debate, but that doesn’t mean the average voter has decided how they feel about the no show. Expect multiple candidates to nail Trump on stage tonight for skipping the last debate before Iowa caucuses. This is doubly true for candidates like Ted Cruz, who’s in a dead heat right now with Trump in the Iowa primaries. Also speaking of Cruz…



Hey Yo, Rubio Comin’

Ted Cruz better watch his back, because in the closing days before the Iowa primary, reports have Marco Rubio polling well with Independents who will caucus for the GOP in Iowa. For a while now many have been reporting a two man race between Cruz and Trump, but in reality… ok that still looks to be the case. But still, the Rubio campaign may be thinking not about Iowa per say, but contests down the line! Now if that’s the case, Cruz would be their most logical target. So while the other candidates look to gang tackle Trump in tonight’s debate, don’t be surprised if Rubio decides to get Cruz in his crosshairs instead.



Going HAM for New Hampshire

For many of the GOP Establishment candidates, Iowa is a lost cause to Trump and Cruz. To them, they believe the real battle is now in New Hampshire. With the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries only eight days apart, many of the Republican candidates might be looking ahead and trying to talk to the New Hampshire voters. For candidates like John Kasich – who is polling quite well in New Hampshire – tonight’s debate could be the perfect soapbox for attracting Republicans in an entirely different state.



(You can watch the seventh GOP debate at 9 PM Eastern on Fox News or online here.)



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