Primer for Tonight’s Fifth Democratic Primary Debate

Fifth Democratic Debate

God help you CNN if this debate cuts into the Warriors/Spurs game tonight! GOD. HELP. YOU!



So good news, we finally get a Democratic debate that isn’t being televised on a weekend, so there is a chance of people actually watching it. The bad news, it’s on a night when one of the biggest NBA games this year. That is of course if you care about basketball. Which we assume you do, because you’re cool like us.




Anyway, here’s some primer for tonight’s fifth Democratic primary debate.  



Under the Microscope

Bernie Sanders Worried


Rule #1 of any presidential primary; once a candidate starts gaining momentum to the top of the polls – whether that means the media or from the other candidates – everything they do suddenly gets poked, prodded, and dissected. That is what Bernie Sanders has been going through this past week. While many Sanders supporters believe the media-at-large has been unfair in their criticism of many Sanders’ plans, the truth of the matter is, all this was bound to happen. The Sanders campaign has been taking it on the chin regarding not giving specific details on policy initiatives. It will be interesting to see if this extends to the questions being asked tonight. We’ll have to see if Sanders (or his policies) shrink under the extra exposure, since in past primaries, these moments separate the “flash in the pan candidates” from the true contenders.



Oh Martin, You’re Still Here…


Ok it’s now starting to get awkward. These primaries have shown that the Democratic ticket is a contest between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. At this point, Martin O’Malley is just taking up space on stage. Our guess is, the O’Malley campaign is waiting to see the results of both Iowa and New Hampshire before making any decision on their campaign’s future. At this point though, they would need a miracle to even stay competitive in this race.



Can Clinton Get Her Groove Back?


A few weeks ago, a Hillary Clinton Democratic nomination looked inevitable. She was the destroyer of worlds. Now with Sanders threatening to win both Iowa and New Hampshire, she isn’t looking as dominant as she once was. While we believe Clinton winning the Democratic nomination is inevitable, a strong debate performance tonight can go a long way in suppressing Sanders’ momentum for good, because the last thing Clinton wants is another long primary. Just ask 2008 Hillary Clinton.



You can watch the fifth Democratic primary debate tonight at 9 PM Eastern here online or on CNN.  



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