From the Grandstands: Thoughts on “The Circus” Episode 2: Prisoner’s Dilemma

The Circus Episode 2

This week Sumantra watches as The Circus dissects all four of the GOP Establishment’s top picks and looks on as they masturbate to the importance of New Hampshire in primary season. (Hmmm, that last phrase could have been worded better.)



While my take on Episode 2: Prisoner’s Dilemma, may look like I’m being harsh on this show, in reality it’s becoming one of my favorite shows on TV! The production value and the reporting – thus far – has been top notch. It’s actually been surprising how frank all the candidates have been, considering this is still an active election. Hope they keep up that bar of quality throughout the series.


With that said, I did have one pet peeve in this episode…



“New Hampshire Picks Presidents”, Eh Not Always…



Ok, so I get that The Circus has to frame these episodes in such a way that it makes sense for the viewer that doesn’t obsessively follow politics. But to put SO. MUCH. EMPHASIS. on New Hampshire is a little disingenuous. While true, the GOP field should shrink after the New Hampshire caucus and the state is a reliable litmus test to finding out who should come out of these primaries, but to say they pick presidents?


If that’s the case, then the 2016 presidential contest will be between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders! Also hopefully that race doesn’t get as close as it did in 2000 when John McCain won the GOP nomination! Once again, New Hampshire is important to many of the GOP candidates to see where they stand compared to the rest of the massive field. But other than that, it’s just a small battle in what’s looking to be a very lonoooooooooooong GOP primary!



Christie the Brawler


Ok now that’s out of my system, The Circus did make a very salient point when it came to Chris Christie. In 2014, I (and most everyone else) thought Christie’s presidential hopes were smashed due to Bridgegate. But here he is, hanging in, staying competitive-ish. So far he’s done better than most expected and will go toe-to-toe with anyone willing to debate him. Christie is a fighter. And on the campaign trail, that definitely is a quality that primary voters in the Republican Party gravitate towards.


But here’s the deal. Christie is not winning the nomination and it has nothing to do with Bridgegate or Bridgeghazi or whatever the hell you want to call it! In Christie’s case, it has everything to do with timing. In any presidential contest, timing is everything. I think Christie’s window of opportunity might have closed in 2012. The time looks to have been then, but he decided not to run. Now the outlook of the primary has changed and Christie may be a casualty of it.



Rubio is Straight OG!


Ok we know that he’s an NWA fan, but what are his thoughts on one of the 90’s most seminal hip-hop albums, Warren G’s Regulate! #QuestionsThatMatter



John Kasich Needs This One


The more I see John Kasich on the campaign trail, the more I think about the quote from The Dark Knight where Harvey Dent/Two-Face tells Batman this:



Kasich would have been one hell of a GOP candidate in any other campaign cycle. Just, not this one. Much like Christie, Kasich looks destined to be a political casualty in these 2016 presidential primaries. The only thing that is staving off execution is his performance thus far in New Hampshire. If there is one candidate that NEEDS New Hampshire it’s John Kasich, The Circus nailed that sentiment in the video above. The real question on everyone’s mind – including his campaign’s – can he carry that momentum to other states? Considering the harsh rhetoric that is attracting primary votes at the moment, that doesn’t look to be the case.


Sadly, he looks to be a decent man in an indecent time.



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