Both Trump and Cruz are Terrible Candidates (But Not for the Reasons Each of Them Are Saying)

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Ted Cruz is eligible to become president and there is nothing wrong with Donald Trump’s “New York Values.”



On Thursday we all witnessed love die on a televised stage in South Carolina. The bromance between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump had finally taken its course. From that debate on, the back and forth of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump has been anything but civil.



As Donald Trump continues to insist that Ted Cruz isn’t eligible to run for President (because he was born in Canada) and Cruz accuses Trump of having a different set of values because he’s from New York, both campaigns have devolved into using petty attacks rather than talking about the issues at hand. In reality, both Cruz and Trump’s statements have no real value or credibility to them. Let me just turn this chair around…




It’s time for some real talk!



To Donald Trump:

Of course Ted Cruz is eligible to run for president! For fucks sake, majority of legal experts agree that Cruz is a “natural born citizen” and in 2011 the Congressional Research Service agreed that Cruz is eligible. Even though Cruz was never born on US soil, his mother was an American citizen and many contend that would make him a “natural born citizen” because citizenship is granted if one of the biological parents was a US citizen at the time of birth. So this fight that you’re assessing here, we already have gone through this and it was agreed that Cruz qualifies as a “natural born citizen.”


While Trump is right, there are fringe Democratic groups that threaten to challenge Cruz if he were to win the 2016 presidential race, however many who know the law (or those who aren’t batshit insane) would agree, Cruz is more than eligible to run for president. Also listen, it’s pretty clear we aren’t the biggest fans of Ted Cruz, but to say he’s not eligible for the presidency is just petty and asinine.



To Ted Cruz:

Many within the far-right wing of the Republican Party have always expressed the notion that values are fundamentally different from various parts of this country. While it’s true, there are areas in the US that are more liberal when it comes to issues regarding gay rights and abortion access, but generally speaking, there are decent human beings everywhere in the US! Still it’s far too easy to put individuals in boxes thinking that conservatives only come from “The Beltway” or liberals only come from the North-East Coast of the country, as Cruz alluded to in last Thursday’s debate.


But in reality, the idea that staunch conservatives don’t come from Manhattan is ridiculous. Whether someone like Cruz wants to admit it or not, Trump’s message is getting the attention of evangelicals in this country, who as Cruz states wouldn’t share Trump’s “New York values.” Granted in these primaries, while Trump’s allegiances may be malleable from week-to-week depending how he’s doing in the polls on any given day, but to say that Trump is any less of a conservative due to him being from New York is just as empty as Trump’s birther claims on Cruz.


To go even further and claim that Trump doesn’t share the same “decency” as the rest of America because he’s from New York (and not an asshole) is even more misguided, as these tweets would indicate.








There are a multitude of reasons why Ted Cruz and Donald Trump shouldn’t be the GOP nominee, everything ranging from the fact both individuals refuse to clearly outline policy initiatives that they have been harking about on the campaign trail to the way they constantly wage baseless personal attacks onto their opponents that are being focused on instead of the major campaign issues. Yet none of those reasons have anything to do with Cruz being ineligible to run for president or Trump having different set of values because he’s from New York. They’re both empty criticisms that we all should pay little to no merit to.  



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