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The Sanders campaign is hoping Democrats are starting to feel that “Berning” sensation once again! #PoliticalPuns



As political organizations go, is a substantial one with thousands of volunteers who are willing to mobilize behind a cause at a moment’s notice. More importantly, the progressive organization has tapped into a demographic that most Democrats covet; the Millennial bloc. That’s why the announcement that was endorsing Bernie Sanders in these Democratic primaries was so substantial to the Sanders campaign.



According to the group, a membership vote was taken and almost 80% of the over 340,000 votes came back supporting Sanders with Hillary Clinton only getting 15%. While this doesn’t come as major surprise to anyone – organizations like were always going to be more attentive to Sander’s populist message – it does create a snowball effect in terms of momentum with the Iowa primaries only days away.


Once a large lead, the Clinton campaign now faces substantial competition in the early Democratic primaries of Iowa and New Hampshire. Compound that to today’s endorsement of – an organization that is known to mobilizing young liberals who are statistically less likely to vote – and now the Clinton campaign faces the very real possibility of losing two early races of this campaign season!


Yet Hillary Clinton remains unimpressed.


Hillary Clinton is Not Impressed


And believe it or not, there might be good reason for that.


Even though organizations like and Democracy for America (another progressive group) have endorsed the Sanders campaign, the thing is every other major endorsement (labor unions, Democratic Establishment groups, key political figures in the Democratic Party) all have broken Clinton’s way. So come next month if Sanders ends up winning a state like New Hampshire, it’s hard to imagine the Clinton campaign paying any real concern to the matter because minority voting blocs in other states (like the South) continue to look to side with Clinton. To the Clinton campaign, it’s about winning the war (the Democratic ticket), not just a few battles (Iowa and New Hampshire).


Though if there is something the Clinton campaign is worried about, it’s that Millennials look to be flocking to Sanders rather than Clinton. Because while most liberals in the Democratic Party would vote for Clinton when faced against anyone from the GOP field, Millennials have the distinction of being fickle voters and may not come to the polls come November.


But for the Clinton campaign, that’s a problem for the general election, not the Democratic primaries.



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