Your Jobs Report Mantra for November 2015

As the months get colder, the economy’s chakra gets that much stronger.



Here’s your mantra for the November 2015 Jobs Report:


“The economy is strong and a change in interest rates has now been foretold. Yet our minds are blades of grass, standing defiant in the breeze.”



The US economy is like a winter rose, it blooms the fullest when it is cold. As the US added 211,000 more jobs and continued levitating around at the 5% unemployment rate, many had rejoiced. The economic nirvana we had reached within ourselves is finally mirroring out onto the world. With unemployment at a seven-and-half year low, many now begin to go into isolation as they continuously chant mantras about interest rates.


In a few days, Fed Chair Janet Yellen will awaken from her meditative trance to announce if the Fed will in fact decide to embrace a higher plain of thought and raise interest rates from their historic slumber of zero percent. With November 2015’s Jobs Report looking strong, we ourselves must mentally prepare for the rise of interest rates, or so say the high minds of the economy.


Till then, let us meditate on the sounds of the opening bell.




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