The Game Changed?: Lindsey Graham Suspends Presidential Bid

Lindsey Graham

“The game the same, just got more fierce.”



South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was never going to win the 2016 Republican nomination. So yesterday when he announced that he was suspending his campaign, it really didn’t surprise anyone.


For people like Graham and Jeb Bush, 2016 must have come out of nowhere. The increase in harsh rhetoric, the almost laughable number of GOP candidates, and of course ALL. THAT. TRUMP! For people from the Republican establishment, it had to feel like the political game had somehow changed.



But in reality, it didn’t.


Politicians like Graham refused to change with the times. How he interacted with crowds to the message that he conveyed, he was never able to truly embrace how the GOP primary seemed to ramp up. Even though GOP establishment politicians like Graham had clear ideas for a future which many within the party could get behind – smaller federal government, more hawkish policies on ISIS and foreign policy in general – it was always his execution in conveying these ideas that would be his down fall.


Even instances like Donald Trump doxing Graham’s cell number in a political rally, Graham’s response was an awkward YouTube video destroying cell phones. There was never any room for political ambivalence in the 2016 GOP race. Graham was destined to lose because he looked at Trump and said to himself, “How in the world COULD a jackass like that win the nomination”, instead of asking the question, “How in the world IS a jackass like that winning the nomination?”


It’s not that the game changed on GOP establishment candidates like Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and especially Lindsey Graham. It’s that the game got a whole lot more fierce.


Or so it goes.



(Photo Credit: Lindsey Graham Instagram)


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