Primer for Tonight’s Third Democratic Primary Debate

Third Democratic Debate

Yes, the Democrats have their primary debate on tonight. And yes, you probably don’t have to watch it…



I would call this a stealth debate, but stealthy things make more noise. In the most non-talked about way possible, the Democrats will be holding their third primary debate tonight. Here’s some stuff to look for in tonight’s debate, but just…




Don’t tell anyone.



No Longer a Berning Sensation: There was a point in these Democratic primaries when Bernie Sanders had considerable momentum. Sure he wasn’t ever really close to Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers, but there was some real traction there from the Sanders campaign. Then momentum started to turn the other way. In the last few months the Clinton campaign just started to gain more momentum through the gaining of more endorsements and the bringing in of additional donors. If we’re being honest here, the Clinton campaign has just been hustling more than the Sanders campaign in the last few months and if he wants to put up any fight before the Iowa caucuses, tonight would have to be the start.



The DNC Voter Files Controversy: As you may have already heard, yesterday the Democratic National Committee cutoff the Sanders campaign’s ability to access to DNC’s voter files due to a glitch which allowed the campaign to download data from Hillary Clinton. If you’re a Bernie Sanders supporter, that was a major blow to his campaign efforts. For political campaigns, party voter files are critical for organizing voters to the run-up to the caucuses. Because of the incident, this has caused a deep disconnect between the Democratic establishment and the Sanders supporters, in which many of them are proclaiming that the DNC is purposely showing favoritism to Clinton in hopes of letting her be the nominee. It will be interesting to see if Sanders brings this up during the debate tonight. (IMPORTANT NOTE: As of this posting – in a very shrewd move from the DNC – they have regained the Sanders campaign’s access to voter files. But don’t be mistaken, legitimate beef still remains between the DNC and Sanders.)



Martin O’Malley, It’s Time: An O’Malley supporter – yes, I guess they do exist – recently wrote us asking if he should stay in this race or not. Here’s our answer to that question…




The third Democratic primary debate begins at 8 pm EST on ABC. You can see a live stream of it here.  



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